A Compairitive Essay On The 3 Different Types Of Cloning And How The 2 Autors Feel Differently On The Subject

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To Clone or Not to CloneImagine yourself twenty or thirty years from the present. The world really would not be much different than what it is now. There are no flying cars or little alien pets. The world is still pretty much the way it is now but now a person can choose there baby like choosing a new car. This new world of cloning presents many options to the scientific community that can be abused. Dr. Lee Silvers author of "Jennifer and Rachel" Dr. Patrick Dixon author of "Reasons Against Cloning" have disagreeing points of view regarding health risks, emotional risks, and abuse of power in regards to the future of human cloning.Health risks such as, genetic mutation and improper aging are a probable problems that cloning can cause. Doctor Patrick Dixon compares human cloning to a roll of the dice. Dixon uses this comparison to show that the likelihood of problems are high. He also shows that dolly the sheep died prematurely because the genes in dolly did not start from zero , as normal babies, but in reality started from age 6, the age of the cloned sheep.Dixon then dives in the idea that there would be absolutely nothing wrong with the clone but what type of emotional would the clone experience knowing that they are in reality a clone of some one else. He uses the idea of a mother and father cloning a dead child to make up for the loss. He explains that there is no way that the clone would be exactly like the other child and the emotional stresses that the family has will greatly effect the child. Also Doctor Dixon touches on the idea of a woman or a man cloning themselfs because of the inability of having a baby on their own. The stress of this could be family breaking, because the daughter or son would be an exact copy of the spouse and 20 years from birth the parents would be seeing the exact same person they fell in love with and sexual lust could add huge amounts of stress on the family.Dixon decided to go one step further and adds a section on government abuse of technology. He adds an important idea of what if Hitler had this technology in the 40s, could he have amassed a perfect army? A superior race as he saw fit? He did not have that...

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