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1. Introduction - Consultancy TaskThomas Barr's is a small snack shop located in the centre of Paisley. Although the shop is currently successful, busy and providing returns, the owner-manager, Thomas Barr, has recognised that the business could improve. As a result the consultancy team has been invited to complete a market research project to identify possible future marketing opportunities.2. Background InformationThomas Barr's began operations in 2000 as a 'Snack Van' in Rowan Street, Paisley. The business was extremely successful and as a result the owner-manager decided to expand. The business began operating as a fast food outlet from a shop in George Street, Paisley, in 2002. The shop is open from 7am until 3pm, Monday to Saturday and is staffed by family members; Thomas is owner-manager; his wife and son are employees. On occasion when the shop is extremely busy a family friend helps out.The shop has been a success during its 4 years of operation. However, as with any company, it has been recognised that the business could develop. Thomas Barr is keen to improve his business and increase sales.3. Relationship with ClientThe consultancy group's Honours year student, Victoria Kirkland, will liaise with the owner-manager, Thomas Barr, on behalf of the team.At the initial meeting both parties discussed what they expected from the project and agreed direction:There are a number of snack shops and fast food outlets in Paisley which are in direct competition with Thomas Barr's. The consultancy group will identify the main sources of competition and research their operations - menus, prices and facilities. Competitor specifications will be compared to Thomas Barr's.The consultancy group will also segment Thomas Barr's target market and identify customer wants and expectations, through research, in order examine current performance and present suitable future opportunities to the client.4. Aim and ObjectivesThe main aim of the project is to develop and conduct market research, on behalf of Thomas Barr's, to analyse current and potential customers and competitors, and therefore identify business opportunities and design future marketing recommendations.In order to meet the project's aim the following objectives have been set:Analyse the organisation's current operations;Segment customers and target markets;Identify competitors;Identify relevant research techniques;Conduct market research - customer and competitor research;Analyse findings;Produce future marketing recommendations.5. MethodologyAs previously stated the team will be conducting market research in order to meet the project's aim and objectives.There are 2 main approaches to research: Primary and Secondary. Primary research is, "the first occurrence of a piece of work." (Saunders et al 2003 p51) This type of information does not already exist. Primary data can be collected through observations, questionnaires and interviews. Secondary research describes information that already exists,...

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