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A Business Project For The Servicescape Design Of A Chinese Restaurant

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This is a business project for the servicescape design of a Chinese restaurant.The University of Luton plans to build an atrium over the car park in front of "B" block, where will house a number of eating facilities including this Chinese restaurant. A few factors about the management of a restaurant should be considered firstly before making actual decisions about the servicescape design.The Multi-Cultural BackgroundBeing aware of the multi-cultural background in Luton, it is essential to cognize the importance of respecting local customs and habits, which should be reflected in the servicescape design as well as the management.Defining Targeted Market SegmentThe targeted customers contain:local residents who are interested in Chinese dishes as well as Chinese traditional culture;Students and lecturers of University of Luton.Business man who works in Luton.To design the servicescape for a Chinese restaurant in practice, the three steps listed below can give you more suggestions and bring you more ideas.Step 1: Defining the Type of ServicescapeStep 2: Clarifying Roles of the ServicescapeStep 3: Understanding Servicescape Services Effects on BehaviorStep 1: Defining the Type of ServicescapeAs a planner, one should bear in minds that for an evidence strategy to be effective, it must be clearly linked with the corporation's overall goals and vision. Identifying what those goals are and then determining how the evidence strategy can support.Defining the type of servicescape a corporation locates itself in and identifying the specific roles in its particular case can conduce to an explicit recognition on the corporation's overall objectives. A framework for categorizing service organizations on two dimensions (Figure 1) captures some key factors contributing to the different servicescape management. ⑴Typology of Service Organizations Based on Variation in Form and Use of the Servicescape (Figure 1)Complexity of the ServicesapeServicescape UsageElaborateLeanSelf-serviceGolf LandATM(Customer only)Suff'n SplashShopping mall information KioskPost office KioskInternet servicesExpress mail drop-offInterpersonal servicesHotelDry cleaner(Both customers and Employees)RestaurantHot dog standHealth clinicHair salonHospitalBankAirlineSchoolRemote serviceTelephone companyTelephone mail-order desk(Employee only)Insurance companyAutomated voice message servicesUtilityMany professional servicesSource from M.J.Bitner, "Servicescape: The impact of Physical Surroundings on Customers and Employees," Journal of Marketing 56 (April 1992), pp. 57-71The vertical dimensions of the above table suggest that organizations differ in terms of whom -- customers, employees, or both groups, the servicescape actually affect and divide service organizations into three categories: Self-service, Remote service, and Interpersonal service. The horizontal dimensions of the above table advice that organizations differ in terms of complexity of the servicescape and divide service...

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