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A Comparative Analysis Into Oral And Topically Applying Vitamin A In The Topic Of Photo Ageing

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Discussion of Findings



The purpose of this study is to research topically applied and orally taken vitamin A for the treatment of photo ageing. From this data it will then be determined whether one is more effective than the other in the treatment of photo ageing. This information will be useful in the beauty industry as well as The Retreat at Newcastle College, as it may influence the treatments and products provided to give clients the most effective results.
According to Dhatt (2013) ‘vitamin A and its retinoid-derivative family continue to reign as the unequivocal gold standard of skin care’, this means that vitamin A and retinoids play a significant role in skin care and the beauty industry. So it could be said that it is vital that there is substantial research into the subject, as it may impact which products and treatments are available and preferred.
This study will consist of secondary research into previous investigations and experiments into photo ageing and the effects of vitamin A when taken both orally and topically applied, as well as any other effects on the body.

Research Proposal.

A Comparative Study into the Use of Oral and Topically Applied Vitamin A in the Treatment of Photo Ageing.

Proposed Research Problem.
This project will look into a comparison of the effects of taking vitamin A orally and topically on photo ageing; it is a relevant topic to the industry as there are countless amounts of salons using various vitamin A based products worldwide including Environ at The Retreat at Newcastle College, however there are many other brands available, such as Murad and MD Formulations. This study will offer a better understanding of the effects of oral and topical vitamin A, so therapists can recommend the most effective solutions to clients’ problems.

Proposed Research Questions of Hypotheses.
The project will address issues associated with topical and oral vitamin A products and applications, for example:
• What are the characteristics of photo ageing?
• Are there any effects of vitamin A (oral or topical) on such characteristics?
• Which derivatives are available?
• What concentrations are available?
• Are there any synergistic effects of taking vitamin A orally and topically together?
It is predicted that orally taken vitamin A may be more effective in treating and preventing photo ageing on large areas of the skin than topically applied vitamin A, as the orally taken product is carried throughout the body so can affect all areas, whereas topically applied vitamin A may only treat the area where it is applied; it has also been discovered that some topically applied retinoids can cause adverse effects or a ‘retinoid reaction’ such as...

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