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A Comparative Analysis Of Citizen Participation And Its Effects On Health Policy Implementation In Barangay Holy Spirit And Old Capitol Site

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The central role of public administration is the provision of services to the public (Rosenbloom, 2005; De Guzman, n.d). As aforementioned and underscored previously, health service is one of them. Like other social services, it takes the form of a policy, a bundle of decisions, in other words (Hague & Harrop, 2010).In this section the authors would like to look into what scholars have said about citizen participation, how they explain its importance and how it can best be utilized in the provision of health care.
Participation may be encouraged in the three phrases of policy-making process. There may be participation in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of ...view middle of the document...

Involvement of stakeholders in implementation can be challenging because it often requires “joint actions” in response to new partnerships that did not exist previously. In some cases, stakeholder groups and organizations that may be unrelated, or are not always committed to the same outcomes, must reach agreement to support implementation. Stakeholders may also enter the fray in ways not planned by the policy. As policy implementation unfolds, additional stakeholders may find themselves being affected by the changes and may seek to also insert themselves in the process (USAID, 2010). It is also important to consider the perspectives of beneficiaries or clients of services covered by the policy. By receiving feedback and using information on how policy implementation is rolling out, policymakers and implementers will be better able to assess interim achievements, make necessary course corrections, and see themselves as part of a larger effort (USAID, 2010). Public health work involves partnerships; therefore, any assessment of a public health program requires considering the value systems of the partners. Stakeholders must be engaged in the inquiry to ensure that their...

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