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A Comparative Analysis Of The Appropriation, Themes, And Similarities Between The 1940 Film "Pinnochio", And The 2001 Film "A.I."

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Appropriation is the way a particular theme, is repeated, interpreted and adapted by different generations, and portrayed throughout different times, mediums, and contexts. Appropriation asks questions, and explores every issue adaptable to a story. Certain themes are appropriated because they either question, or answer a question, about the fundamental concepts of existence; however, they must also have an original, entertaining, or fascinating core idea and storyline. Appropriations explore themes and storylines that are fundamentally truthful, adaptable to modern contexts, can be improved, or are just too good to let go of. The main reason a story is appropriated, however, is because it is influential.Appropriations explore a central theme, and the theme I chose is "What makes someone alive, and human?" This question is posed in the humble 1940 Disney adaptation of the classic story, Pinocchio, directed by Hamilton Luske and Ben Sharpstee; and the 2001 Steven Spielberg science fiction film, A.I.Pinocchio is the story of a small wooden boy who is brought to life through the power of the wish of his creator, and the magic of the Blue Fairy. If he is brave, truthful, and unselfish; he will become a real boy. Unfortunately, temptation gets in his way, and he follows it against the advice of his appointed conscience Jiminy cricket. Led astray on a walk to school, he is sold to the theatre, where he is cruelly locked away in a cage after the performance. Rescued by the Blue Fairy, he then sets off back to Gepetto's toy shop. Again, his journey is intercepted and he is whisked away to the so called Pleasure Island, a place where boys run rampant without parental control, wreaking havoc and destruction. All of the boys are eventually turned into donkeys by the magic of the island, but for Pinocchio. After a narrow escape from the horrific place, Pinocchio learns that Gepetto is trapped inside the belly of a giant whale named Monstro. Pinocchio and Jiminy rescue Gepetto from the belly of the beast using a smoky fire, which causes Monstro to sneeze them out. Pinocchio drags a drowning Gepetto to shore, at great personal risk, and saves him. The Blue Fairy comes to an unconscious, half-drowned Pinocchio, and because he has done as she requested, turns him into a real boy.In A.I, David, the very first robot - called a mecha - capable of feeling love; is given to Monica and Henry Swinton, who, after activating David's imprinting protocol, begin to be loved by him - especially the mother of the family, Monica. After a while, he is befriended by a toy robotic teddy, which mirrors the character of Jiminy cricket in Pinocchio. Teddy takes it on himself to see that David does the right thing. The Swintons have a human son named Martin, who had been cryogenically frozen due to an illness; but is suddenly cured and brought home. A jealous rivalry ensures between David and Martin, and eventually, after a near-fatal accident at a pool party in which Martin nearly...

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