A Comparative Essay Beetween The Book Interview With The Vampire And Its Restpective Movie

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The movie and the book Interview with the Vampire were alike in few ways, butdifferent in to many to count. The movie was supposed to be a close representation of thebook. In the beginning of the movie Ann Rice said that it was one of her favorites andwas close to what she had expected. I thought that it was a mockery of it. It was leavingout so many details. It got facts wrong and it, in my opinion it did not live up to it'sreputation.First, in the beginning they left out everything about Louis brother and how Louisthought that he was insane. How he thought that he was a prophet and he had visions andto this day Louis still didn't know if he really did or if he was just crazy like he had firstthought. How he had fallen down the front steps after he and Louis had just finished anargument. How some people thought that Louis had killed him and some had thought thatit was suicide.Second, how in the movie almost immediately after Louis drank from Lestat thechange was completed, but the change wasn't complete until he fed. How Lestat madeLouis a vampire on the same steps that Louis brother had died upon. How Louis hadwanted to die and later chose to be a vampire because of his brother's death.In the beginning Lestats' father plays a pretty big part. He is blind and Lestatchose Louis mostly for his money so that he could provide for his father. That shows thealmost only time that Lestat...

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