A Comparative Essay Between Two Poems: "The Jaguar" And "The Domescity Of Giraffes".

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Good morning/afternoon ………… and class. I present myself here to talk to you about how many poets use the world of nature to comment on the world of man. To accomplish this, I will refer to two poems called The domesticity of Giraffes by Judith Beveridge and The Jaguar by Ted Hughes. Mans relationship with nature is portrayed by Judith .1. Beveridge and Ted Hughes in their poems, The Domesticity of Giraffes and The Jaguar. They both express their views in their poems about 2 animals in a zoo. The two of them also have a negative opinion which creates a link between their poems. A link is also produced by the devices used by both poets which are similes, metaphors, personification, imagery .2.Oxymorons, repetitions, onomatopoeia, figurative and descriptive language.In Judith Beveridge’s poem, The Domesticity of Giraffes, she clearly expresses her point of view on man’s relationship with nature. Her point of view is that she disagrees with the captivity of animals. In this poem she explores the uncomfortable prospects of an animal cont .3.Being held captive in a zoo. “Bruised-apple eyed she ruminates towards the tall building she mistakes for a herd”. This quote from stanza one uses imagery and descriptive language to depict the giraffes misery in the captivity of a zoo. The effect of these devices on the quote exposes the suffering of the giraffe. Suffering is a theme that is used in both poems. .4.The theme of suffering is also present in Ted Hughes’ poem The Jaguar. Just like Beveridge, his point of view is also a pessimistic one. In this case it a Jaguar that is held captive in a zoo. The Jaguar is a poem that displays suffering by the jaguar’s confusion. “Cage after cage seems empty”. This quote displays the suffering not only for the jaguar, but for the .5. other zoo animals as well. This quote also uses a repetition, which emphasizes the purpose of the quote which is to reveal the emptiness of the zoo which is the cause of suffering.There are many other themes in these poems. One of them is Isolation.Isolation in these poems is...

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