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A Comparative Essay On The Original Creation Of The Earth

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Creation is slowly becoming a taboo topic in our current society and the “Big Bang Theory” seems to be the trending theory of the century. What is the difference though? The Catholic Church, in 1950, proclaimed that the “Big Bang Theory” did not contradict the doctrine of creation; therefore, the Catholic Church now teaches something called Theistic Evolutionism. (Brom, 2004) Are many churches teaching a false doctrine regarding the “Big Bang Theory” or is science exempt from biblical doctrine? This essay will explain what the “Big Bang Theory” teaches, what biblical creation teaches and how the relationship that the two have. First, let us look at the “Big Bang Theory.”
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” (NASA, 2014) In June of 1995, the “Big Bang Theory” is further proven by NASA with their discovery of primordial helium in the farthest sections of the Universe; this is consistent with the thought that a combination of helium and hydrogen were created during the “Big Bang.” (LaRocco & Rothstein) The “Big Bang Theory” relies solely on chance and an unknown future that is also relying on chance.
The Biblical Creation Theory
The biblical creation theory looks at creation as an organized, purpose filled, event brought about by God, the Creator. Dr. Gary Parker defines creation best, he states, “Creation refers to the acts by which God brought into being time, matter, energy, space, and life all working together in a paradise of perfect peace according to His divine plan and purpose.” (Parker, 1994) Evidence of creation or intelligent design are everywhere! In fact, Romans 1:20 and Psalm 139:14 both refer to being made by God. Shockingly, there are several different views of creationism; however, the basic view holds that earth and everything within it was created by God in a literal six day time frame approximately 6,000 years ago. (Ham, 2007) In the creation theory, God created the earth and Universe first; then the “heavenly bodies” of the Universe, such as the sun, moon and stars, were “placed... in the expanse of the sky.” (Genesis 1:14-19) Ken Ham states that the Bible does not say the planets were created when the stars were; however, he does identify that the Hebrew word for “star” included the planets. (Ham, 2010) Therefore, it can be concluded that God first created earth, then on day one He created day and night and it was not until day four that He created the stars, sun, moon, and planets. It can be seen that the creation theory relies completely on God created each individual piece at a specified time which is recorded in Genesis 1.
Compare and Contrast
The differences between the “Big Bang Theory” and creation are drastic. The “Big Bang Theory” strictly relies on chance while creation relies on God creating everything. The most significant differences between the two theories is in the...

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