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The Black Hole In Magnet Essay

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In black hole attack, malicious nodes absorb all data, transmitted by source node to destination instead forwarding the data to the next node.

In AODV protocol Black hole attack is classified into two categories: Black hole attack caused by RREP and black hole attack caused by RREQ.

A. Black hole attack caused by RREQ

Following things happen when black hole attack form by malicious nodes or attacker while sending fake RREQ messages:

• Attacker change the originator IP address in RREQ to the originating node’s IP address.
• Attacker change the destination IP address in RREQ to the destination node’s IP address.

• Attacker change the source IP address of IP header to its own IP address.

• Attacker change the destination IP address of IP header to broadcast address.

• Choose high sequence number and low hop count and put them in related fields in RREQ.

So, attacker insert the wrong information about source node in the routing table of nodes that get fake RREQ message. Hence, if these nodes send data to the source, at first step they send it to the malicious node.

Figure 1: Black hole attack caused by RREP

Following things happen when black hole attack form by malicious nodes or attacker while sending fake RREP message. After receiving RREQ from source node, a malicious node can generate black hole attack by sending RREP:

• Attacker change the originator IP address in RREP to the originating node’s IP address.
• Attacker change the destination IP address in RREP to the destination node’s IP address.

• Attacker change the source IP address to its own IP address.
• Attacker change the destination IP address to the IP address of the node that RREQ has been received from it.

• Choose high number for sequence number and low number for hop count.

So, data transmitted by source are received by the malicious node and it drops them [9].
The SAODV routing protocol proposed in [10] is used to protect the routing messages of the original AODV. SAODV uses digital signatures to authenticate non-mutable fields and hash chains to authenticate the hop-count field in both RREQ and RREP...

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