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A Comparative Study On The Management Of Academic Requirements By Accountancy And Accounting Technology Students In De La Salle Lipa Academic Yea

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Student learning as a whole is important to Accountancy and Accounting Technology students. Interactive practice strategies, as an application of what the students learned, has something to do with the assessment of learning by students. In evaluating the knowledge of students, it has something to do with the course requirements. The two courses require a number of to-do-tasks in school and nowadays, their students are experiencing problems in terms of accomplishment of school works per subject. As a result, they tend to neglect other subjects’ requirements. There are different types of school works, and how students plan, manage and accomplish them. These requirements are the assignments, ...view middle of the document...

Assignments are the commonly used interactive practice strategies so that teachers can evaluate how students learned from the discussion. According to (Sangsgiry & Talib, 2012; Womble, 2003) students have knowledge on the factors that could affect their General- Point Average.
Seatworks are described by Van de Walle (1998) allotted for meaningful and interrelated learning.Te construction of seatwork must be a considerable length and must provide an application of practice and an aid for complete understanding. He also advised that it must be brief and learners must know why they are practicing their knowledge. California Beginning Teacher Evaluation Study (n.d.) a considerable number of time allotment can increase student performance. As a response to this, a higher number of time allotments for accomplishing seatworks can make a student’s grade higher. This research is shown in the Florida Educational Association website.
Meanwhile, according to Kamuche (2005), quizzes are said to be an activity that access and identify students who are having problems on study. In order to successfully complete the coursework, these are taken as prerequisites. The author also said that it is a responsibility for a student to complete all quizzes. A study conducted by Freilich (1989), wherein he defined quizzes as determinants of student performance. A study conducted by (Sporer, 2001) states that there is a relationship between taking quizzes and major examinations. Frequency of taking quizzes may develop examination performance.
Recitations on the other hand are defined by Freiberg and Driscoll (2000) as a creative construction of questions that may raise appropriate answers. The authors also mentioned that it may be considered simple, and yet can overcast both the teachers and students. Based on the research of (Mars, 1984), passitivity of students during discussion will give effect to discouragement in asking questions regarding the discussion.
Projects are defined by Katz and Chard (1992) as an investigation of different perspectives of a certain issue that give interest to both the project-making learners and teachers. It is usually an extension of a certain topic, mostly done by individual learners, groups, whole class.
Major Examinations, according to Burke (n.d.), are said to be the determinants on how well or poor students perform on their course. There is also the danger of failing, for it may have a big impact on the general point average.
This study is conducted to know the management of academic requirements by Accountancy and Accounting Technology students from first year to fourth year in De La Salle Lipa. It aims to discover how these students rank and prioritize school works according to their grade equivalents. Another goal is that, to know the different time management strategies done by students to effectively finish every requirement and to determine what are the problems they often encounter and how can they solve these problems.

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