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A Comparative Study On Varied Potentials Of Aspergillus Species In Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles

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To conclude, though use of Aspergillus species is common in synthesis of metal nanoparticles, these five species are not well studied. Among them, A. fischeri confirms a good quality production of AgNPs at an incredibly low concentration of salt solution used but with more number of bigger sized particles. However, efforts are underway to optimize the conditions in the process to obtain a good size and shape morphology. Also, understanding the protein–nanoparticle interactions during the synthesis mechanism shall guide us to the possibility of utilizing the present system as future ‘‘nano-factories’’. We aim to purify and characterize the proteins to comprehend their mode of ...view middle of the document...

All solutions were kept in dark to avoid any photochemical reactions during the experiment [2]. As controls, flaskscontaining cell-free filtrate (without metallic salts) and pure metallic salt solution (without cell-free filtrate) were run simultaneously along with the experimental flask in three replicates.
Change in color was visually observed in the silver nitrate solution incubated with all five Aspergillus species. The bio reduction of Ag+ in the aqueous solutions was screened by sampling of aliquots at different time intervals. Absorption measurements were carried out on Thermo-scientific UV-Visible Spectrophotometer from 200-800nm, at a resolution of 1 nm. A part of the dried powdered sample was analysed by X-ray diffractometer as a preliminary confirmative method of the presence of silver nanoparticles. The X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku Miniflex-11) was operated at a voltage of 30 kV and a current of 15mA with CuKα radiation (λ=1.5406 Å) and at 2 theta angles, intensities were recorded from 6°to 60°. To know the size of synthesized silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), size distribution analysis was performed using dynamic light scattering in aqueous solution. The hydrodynamic size of the...

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