A Comparism Of " Animal Farm" And The Events Of "Tiananmen" In Relation To The Issue Of 'education And Learning' And The Power This Brings To Societies.

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Good Afternoon,When George Orwell spoke out against the domination of people by others, condemning totalitarian society in his brilliant, witty, allegorical fable, Animal Farm, he also shone light on the issue of education and learning. Education can be defined as: "the development of knowledge, skill, ability, or character by teaching, training, study, or experience" and learning as: "the gaining of knowledge or skill which consequently permanently modifies ones responses."This relationship between education and learning and the effect this has on people and societies is blatantly clear in the novel, which highlights not only the exploitation of the weaker by the stronger but goes one step further by outlining that knowledge is in fact power.In the book, the sheep, representative of the general population of Russia during the Russian Revolution, because of their lack of understanding and smaller intelligence are denoted to simply workers who do not have a say which makes them more open to extortion and exploitation by those with 'power' that choose to use it unethically.Unaware of their rights they are therefore unable to fight or even simply ask for them. When the animals of Animal Farm form resolutions together it is only the pigs that put forward resolutions, although the other animals understand HOW to vote, they are unable to come up with any resolutions of their own. The dogs cannot even manage this, voting for and against the same resolutions. Even when the Seven Commandments are being formulated, there is still a division between the animals:"It was also found that the stupider animals such as the sheep, hens and ducks were unable to learn the seven commandments by heart." (Page 21)If they had been able to learn these rules they would have been more alert to Napoleon's regime and the unwarranted changes he implemented. They would have realised how unethical Napoleons practices were and by just how much he was exploiting his power for his own personal gain.The naivety of these animals also enabled Squealer's propaganda to be more easily spread and digested such as Squealer's lies surrounding Boxer's death. Squealer managed to convince the other animals through manipulation that Boxer was not sent to a glue factory, but to a vet who just happened to be using an old glue factory cart. Because of the other animals intelligence levels they were unable to see the absurdity of this notion.The animals were so unquestioning, so uneducated they were unable to ever see these unfair and unjust ways of the pigs and how much the pigs were abusing their power and exploiting them!The importance of education and learning was also evident in the ways in which Animal Farm's neighbours, Mr Frederick and Mr Pilkington (Germany and England) respond to the animals uprising."They were both thoroughly frightened by the rebellion on Animal Farm and very anxious to prevent their own animals from learning too much about it." (Page 24-25)The other farmers knew, that...

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