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A Comparison Between A Human's And Cow's Eye

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AimTo compare the structure of the cow's eye to the structure of a human eyeMaterialsCow's eyeSharp KnifePlastic dishesPaper TowelTweezersMounted NeedleHypothesisMy hypothesis is that we should be able to see all the parts of a human eye (that we've been studying from the text book) in the cow's eye. This is my hypothesis because just from my knowledge, I think cow's need to see as well as humans do. They need to see what they are eating, where they are going, and since all mammals are somewhat related, their eye functions should be relatively similar to each other. I don't think evolution changed the functions of eyeball in mammals that differently to each other. We all live in similar environment and we all use eyes for the same purpose.The Exterior of the EyeA table comparing the exterior of the eyeball in cows and humansOptic NerveIt looks exactly like in the text book, except that I think that the white 'wall' or 'membrane' surrounding the nerve fibers in the pig was thicker; I could hardly see the nerve fibers.PupilThe shape of the pupil in cow's are oval. Humans are round. When strong light passed the pupil of the cow's eye, it appeared to be blue colour! Humans are only black.ScleraThey appear to be the same. (The cow's sclera is so thick to break through!)IrisWhen I looked around at my colleague's eyeball cow, all the iris seemed to be dark brown. I know that human's iris come in different colour such as green, blue, gray, etc.CorneaThey look exactly the sameExterior Observations - A diagram illustrating the shape of Cornea, Iris and PupilDescription of Cow's Eyeball's ShapeThe two eyeballs (cows and humans) look very similar. The cow's eyeball seemed to be almost round (excluding the cornea section). The cornea always seemed to be the part that was 'sticking out' of the eyeball.Function for MusclesThe muscles and pieces of fat were attached to the thick sclera of the eyeball. The muscles were thick and fat. The function of the muscles there are to move the eyeball around so that you can have full vision around your eye, not just in front. The muscles are there in order to move your eyeball around your socket.The Interior of the EyeA diagram from the inside back half of the dissected eyeballDiagram of the inside front half of the dissected eyeballLensThe cow's lens seem to be exactly the same as the human lens. When I examined the lens, and I put it up close to an image, it almost worked as a magnifying glass. BUt when I put it up to an image with a distance,...

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