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A Comparison Between High Line Park And National Art Schools Project

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Architecture reflects the historical development and civilized progress of a country. Architecture, as the advanced dwelling of society, demonstrates the achievements of arts and cultures. The two architects that the paper is going to compare are National Art Schools Project from Cuba and High Line Park from the New York City. The two from different countries show definitely different architectural knowledge. A comparison between them is necessary in order to know better of style, history, social changes and so on. The following parts will discuss the similarities and differences between National Art Schools Project and High Line Park.
First, the two are both revolutionary design. National ...view middle of the document...

In virtue of its historical value and function, High Line Park’s design complied with the fixed characteristics and experienced three periods of construction. The design based on the original state had been mixed with relevant factors to enrich, relatively but coordinately.
Second, the two architects have their own social impacts. Owing to the ordinary design and generous input, National Art Schools Project had become an unprecedented art work in the Cuban history. It had changed the traditional building layout. The whole design of National Art Schools Project was divided into five parts, that is, the construction was grand and splendid, demonstrating the architectural development as well as civilization in Cuba to the outside world. While High Line Park posted more impacts on economy. As the local symbol, High Line Park made great contribution to revival the west Manhattan and vigorously stimulated the personal investment. In 2005, the New York City renewed the distribution area around the high line and planned the new area later. With the characteristics and art atmosphere before, the combination of new area and park made it a most vigorous community along with fastest development. According to the data from 2000 to 2010, the population of community around High Line Park increased 60%. Moreover, emerging and abundant programs made the surrounding area rich 12,000 jobs, 2,558 dwellings, 1,000 hotel rooms, more than 424,000 square foot working space as well as large art exhibiting space under 85,000 square foot.
Except for similarities, the two architects have differences as well. The most important and distinct one is the government’s attitude towards the designing and constructing. Because of the great amount of input and luxurious design style, National Art Schools Project was regarded as a kind of waste and extravagance in the eye of most authority and people. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, the ambition and passion towards...

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