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A Comparison Between Film Versions Of Emma And Clueless

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A Comparison Between Film Versions of Emma and Clueless

The features I will look for in both films for comparison is setting,
location, lighting, costumes, props, camera angles, dialogue and
weather. Emma is set in the early 20th century and Clueless in the
1990's. The director changed the era to refer to the fact that girls
nowadays are more mature than young women in the early 20th century.

The diversity between the locations in both films is very minor. In
Clueless it is set in Beverly Hills in America and in Emma is set in
England. England in the early 20th century is largely countryside with
prosperous houses, and a rigid hierarchy. Beverly Hills is quite
comparable to England as it is rich in foundations, but has a more
relaxed hierarchy. The classes are diverse, you are not born into a
class like as in Emma, it depends what your career is. Living in these
two places evokes the impression of wealth. Also Beverly Hills has a
different type of hierarchy, status but in lifestyle and reputation.
The settings did not differ to much as there is an interior and
exterior setting in both films. In Emma the interior is her house this
is lavishly furnished, with traditional antiques and classic pieces of
furnisher. The exterior setting is the estate which is the grounds
surrounding her house, this is typical English countryside. Compared
to Cher's house (the main character in Clueless) it is a contempary
house with expensive appliances, which also meant they spent a lot of
money on their image and are wealthy. The other interior setting is
the school, which is a classic American school. The exterior settings
are the mall and her garden around her house. The mall is expensive
and is luxuriously appointed and has lots of designer shops. This is
also a casual place where the teenagers of this film hang out.
Settings from both films imply wealth and that both characters are

The lighting in the film Emma is dull in the interior setting this
gives a romantic atmosphere, and makes her look as if she has a smooth
complexion, as the main light source are candles, which are subtle and
did not show blemishes like modern lighting does. These added to her
beauty and enact desirability to men. Other means of light in the
interior settings are also subtle as there is no electricity; light
sources are windows, and fireplaces. They also used rich colours in
their furnishing that increased the darkness of the film. But in the
exterior settings the lighting is brighter, but this is natural and
subtle lighting, for example the weather. The director does this to
create the scenes to look natural. There is a great contrast between
Emma and Clueless as technology has improved and we no longer have to
live in darkness. So there is extra lighting in Clueless indoors. Also
because Cher's house is...

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