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A Comparison Between Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver By Thomas Hardy And The Seduction By Eileen Mc Auly

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A Comparison Between Tony Kytes, The Arch Deceiver by Thomas Hardy
and The Seduction by Eileen McAuly

"Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver" is a hilarious story of an afternoon
when Tony was driving home from the market in his wagon. A pretty girl
called Unity to whom he was quite close before he met his present
fiancé stopped him and asked him to give her a lift home. They were
riding along, having a flirtatious conversation, when Tony saw Milly,
his fiancé. Fearing her displeasure on seeing Unity riding with him on
the wagon, he manages to persuade Unity to hide at the back of the
wagon. Extraordinarily, later in the journey Tony manages to persuade
Milly to do the same thing when he sees yet another young lady, this
time called Hannah. Inevitably, at the end of the journey the three
young ladies discover each other's presence. After a brief period of
mayhem, Milly and Tony are alone again, planning their wedding.

"The Seduction" tells a story of a boy and a girl, who after a party,
go to sit by the river in the early hours of the morning. They talk a
little and giggle while drinking vodka. He then quickly began his
seduction of her with a kiss. As a result of this encounter, she
becomes pregnant. She is very angry, afraid and ashamed as she
realises that her life has changed forever.

Both pieces of writing show how young women can be misled by somewhat
more experienced men. This is shown by their innocence and tendency to
follow the male initiatives, to the extent that the young ladies in
the Tony Kytes story are even willing to suspend common sense and
ludicrously conceal themselves beneath tarpaulin. The differences
between the two pieces of text lie inherently in the period in which
they were written, in that the consequences of the gullibility of the
girl in the seduction poem are devastating, whilst the girls in the
Tony Kytes story merely suffer some injury to their dignity.

In the Tony Kytes story there were six characters, the four main ones
being Tony and the three young ladies. The one we get to know best of
all is Tony. Through his conversation with the girls, he reveals
himself as being an indecisive, weak but well meaning character. He
finds it difficult to refuse any of the women a lift, and seems
beguiled by the beauty of each of them when the others were out of
sight as when he says to Unity "I never knowed you was so pretty
before!" The female characters are not very diverse, and they are
described very superficially as stereotypes of manipulative feminine
whiles as when Unity says "and-can you say I'm not pretty, Tony? Now
look at me!"

The poem has only two characters, a boy and a girl, who are never
named. In this poem, it is the girl whose character is brought most to
life. The boy seems almost a shadowy background figure. The poem is
about her dreams...

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