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(A Comparison/Contrast Between Macduff And Prospero)

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William Shakespeare is nothing if not a genius. According to Amanda Mabillard, “Shakespeare influenced every generation of writers since his death and he continues to have an enormous impact on contemporary plays, movies, and poems.” He conceived several classic pieces of literature, all unique in their own right. They all have different characters, plots, et cetera. But if you sit down and think about it, it is not hard to come up with similarities between his plays. In the case between Macbeth and The Tempest, there almost isn’t a character from one play that doesn’t have a counterpart in the other. But, I had to choose two. So for this prompt, I’ve chosen Macduff from Macbeth and Prospero ...view middle of the document...

In comparison, they both have a plan which they carry out against the one who wronged them. In Macbeth, Macduff gathers an army, and fulfills all the prophecies that the three witches told Macbeth. He managed to move the forest of Birnam to Dunsinane Hill, and he told Macbeth he was not born of woman (because his mom had a C-section). Then, he proceeds to chop Macbeth’s head off. In The Tempest, Prospero uses his magic to create a storm that brings his brother’s ship to his island, and with the aid of Ariel, he keeps everyone alive and subdues them all. In contrast, Macduff and Prospero carry out their revenge very differently. Macduff is enraged, so he doesn’t care who dies on the path to his vengeance. However Prospero is very conscious of his victims, and keeps the conflict between him and his brother, who he eventually forgives Walter Clyde Curry says this about his actions. "Prospero has used his powers benevolently in the righting of the wrongs, and in the process his soul is cleansed of its baser passions. His nobler reason taking part now against his fury, he finds that the rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance". This is quite different from Macduff’s method.
Lastly, Macduff from Macbeth and Prospero from The Tempest can be compared and contrasted in what they do once they gain power. In comparison, they both provide a resolution once they gain power. In Macbeth, once the tyrant king’s head is lying on the ground, Macduff returns to his senses. He picks up the head, crown and all, and presents it to the oldest son of the former king Duncan, Malcolm. In the end, Macduff does the right thing. In The Tempest, Prospero reaches an awesome resolution. Arden Davidson will describe it. “Prospero gives up his control over nature and he in turn, regains his title, betroths his daughter, Miranda, and reclaims the respect of his cohorts. Similarly, Prospero’s obsession with revenge...

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