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A Comparison Essay On The University Of Oregon And The University Of South Carolina

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Legally working; prom is coming up; permits are a thing of the past... junior year is here! In fact, it's almost over. In the third trimester of junior year, all the juniors have to do is get through their last set of classes and then it's the easy homestretch through senior year. Nothing to worry about, right? WRONG! Junior year is an important step in heading in the right direction for a student's future life. Much of the beginning phases of post-high school planning should preferably begin sometime in junior year, and it doesn't stop until they are finally where they want and should be. With so many options and roads to take, students may become overwhelmed by their innumerable opportunities. Choosing the wrong one could potentially spell disaster in the long run. For the past three weeks, I have closely compared two closely related options: attending the University of Oregon and attending the University of South Carolina at Columbia. For my future, I am hoping to trek down the track that ends somewhere in the science/technology field. So based on the unique qualities that one school excels at over the other, with regards to myself, I am convinced that the University of South Carolina is a better university for me to attend than the University of Oregon.The University of South Carolina (USC) was founded in 1801, and is a public school serving the entire state of Carolina (Profiles of American Colleges, p1348). USC's entire campus measures 351 acres and is located in an urban area in the downtown area ofColumbia. USC has a total of 151 buildings in its campus, including residence halls and special learning facilities such as a learning resource center, art gallery, natural history museum, planetarium, and even its own radio station (Profiles, p1349).USC is a moderately competitive school. For the 2003-2004 term, out of 11,176 students that applied, only 7,788 were accepted, and still only 3,287 were enrolled (Profiles p1348). The minimum GPA for the university is a mere 2.25. Other requirements include 16 academic credits (4 English, 3 math, 3 history, 2 foreign language, 2 lab science, 1 academic elective, and 1 physical education) and SAT I or ACT (Profiles p 1349). SAT I scores range from 500-610 in both verbal and math, and ACT scores ranged from 21-26. (Fiske Guide to Colleges, p576) Although the requirements are not too hard to achieve, admissions are still relatively tight.With a total student body of 15,506 students (Four-Year Colleges, p), there needs to be some form of housing to accommodate them. Thus, resident halls were built. 6,793 can be comfortably situated in college housing, which includes single-sex and coed dorms, on campus apartments, married-student housing, and frat and sorority houses. However, on-campus housing is guaranteed for the freshman only, and is available through a lottery system for upperclassmen (Profiles, p1349). Some high school students get into college with small or even full scholarships, solely based on...

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