A Comparison Of Catholic And Southern Baptist

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The Church I visited was The Infant of Prague, in Jacksonville, NC. At first, I wasn’t sure if the Saturday night vigil would be like the normal service, because the word vigil was attached, so I looked it up, and to my relief the definition is simply “night service.” Catholicism has an extensive history, deep-rooted rituals in their Order of Mass and a specific style of worship. Although the Baptist and Catholic pray to the same God, the way in which this worship is conducted is definitely foreign to one another.
Catholics believe that Jesus founded the Catholic Church in 33 AD. Since then there have been many different forms of interpretation of the message. Although there were many forms of Christianity it was eventually standardized and given validity in 380 AD, by the Roman Emperor Constantine. At this this time in history, Roman Catholicism became the official religion of the Roman Empire.
Catholicism remained intact until when the division between Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox during the Great Schism. This occurred because of disagreements within the Catholic Doctrine and the hierarchy of the Church. The dispute became an official split when the wealthy West, gave no assistance to the poor East, in repelling the Norman invasion. The second split was in 1534, during the Protestant Reformation. A German theologian, Martin Luther, disagreed with what the church had become. He apposed the abuse of power by the hierarchy within the church and rebuffed the unbiblical practices and beliefs that were taking place. His most famous act was that of nailing his “95 Theses” to the Wittenberg Castle church door.
Throughout its history, Catholicism has transformed in order to adjust to its environment. In some occasions it has allied with royalty, such as the crusades; and in other occasions it has split from such royalty so as not to be used for political means. While evolving it has gained rituals that date back to the inception of Christianity. The events are in included in every mass and are entitled The Order of Mass.
Through observation I discovered some differences of sequence between the Catholic service and Southern Baptist services. The first would be the apparel; this is obviously different because of the robes and other props used within the service. There are also cast member for the service, such as alter boys and girls, as well as cross bearers. The second difference was the way in which the hymns and worship were conducted. It seemed as if the worship through with assigned prayers and hymns that are specifically choreographed for every specific service. Comparing this with Baptists, after worship in the beginning of the service, usually church business is discussed and sermon...

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