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A Comparison Of Frankenstein 1994 To Frankenstein 1957

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A Comparison of Frankenstein 1994 to Frankenstein 1957

Over the past hundred years, Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein has
been read worldwide, by many different audiences.

In the original novel, the creature is given life by Frankenstein, and
then he stretches out his arm to see if Frankenstein will accept him
as a son. Whereas in the 1957 film he is in a box full of water, and
is wrapped in bandages. The creature tries to strangle Frankenstein
until he is stopped by Paul. In contrast, the 1994 film portrays the
birth differently; Frankenstein is seen running around his lab and is
all sweaty and dirty. Once the creature is alive he falls on the floor
into all the liquid and he and Frankenstein roll about in it.

In the 1957 film when the creature receives life you see his chest
beating up and down, and he sits up with his arms out straight. He
then attacks Frankenstein, but Frankenstein thinks it is because Paul
has damaged the monster’s brain. However in the 1994version,
Frankenstein realises he has made a mistake and leaves the monster in
the lab: this is a big contrast because un the 1957 film Frankenstein
never realises his mistake.

The director of the 1994 film made the lab realistic, by making the
lab dirty and showing all sorts of scientific instruments. He also
makes Frankenstein take his shirt off, get dirty and really get stuck
into the birth of the monster, this suggests that he seems to want to
be part of the creation more than in the 1957 version. Also in this
film Frankenstein is studying at the university of Ingolstadt and in
one scene we see peasants fleeing the city because of an outbreak of a
disease. This is something which is not used in the 1957 version. In
contrast the 1957 film’s director chooses to make Frankenstein wear a
suit and work in a very stereotypical lab. Although the 1994 film
chooses to use a wider environment, this film decides to use gothic
horror, which the other film doesn’t, they do this by using lightening
when the...

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