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A Comparison Of Hitler And Stalin

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During the period leading up to World War II, there were two menwho were on opposing sides, the men were Adolph Hitler and JosephStalin. These men were each triumphant in their rise to power in theircountries and they were very comparable in the ways that theysucceeded. Their success was mostly attributed to their new ideas andtheir politics.Although Hitler and Stalin hated each other, the two leaderswere similar in many ways. Hitler and Stalin each rose to the highestposition attainable in their respective countries, and there werethree main reasons that they were able to do this. Both men wereskilled users of propaganda, each was amoral, and they both had theambition to make their ...view middle of the document...

This is an excerpt from his speech: "...Iaimed from the first to....become the destroyer of Marxism....The armythat we are building grows more from day to day, from hour to hour.Gentlemen, not you who will be the ones that deliver the verdict overus, but that verdict will be given by the eternal judgement ofhistory, which will speak out against the accusation that has beenmade against us....That court will judge Germans (who) wantedonly the best for their people and their Fatherland, who fought andwere willing to die. You might just as well find us guilty a thousandtimes, but the goddess of the eternal court of history will smile andtear up the motions of the states attorney and the judgement of thiscourt: for she finds us not guilty". After Hitler gave this speech,the court was sympathetic towards him, he was sentenced to only fiveyears in prison for his crime. After nine months of his sentence hadbeen served, he received parole. Being able to gain Nazi party controland gain enough supporters, proves that he was an efficient user ofpropaganda. Hitler also had his own minister of propaganda when hebecame leader of the country. This proves that Hitler was an user ofpropaganda, but Joseph Stalin was not as blatantly obvious with hisuses of propaganda. Stalin did however use propaganda in his speechto the Fifteenth Congress in 1927. Stalin said in this speech: "Evidently, the opposition prefers to be outside the party. Well, letit be outside the party. There is nothing terrible, or exceptional, orsurprising in the fact that they prefer to be outside the party, thatthey are cutting themselves off from the party. If you study thehistory of our party, you will find that always, at certain seriousturns taken by our party, a certain section of the old leaders fellout of the cart of the Bolshevik party and made room for newermembers. A turn is a serious thing, comrades. A turn is dangerousfor those who do not sit firmly in the party cart. Not everybody cankeep his balance when a turn is made. You turn the cart - and onlooking back, you find that someone has fallen out". After Stalin saidthis, an immediate applause was heard. Stalin was telling people whatthey wanted to hear and he used this speech to further his cause. Thisspeech helped to further his cause by gaining support from the people,and by justifying why Trotsky was not the choice for leader. Stalinwas also demonstrating with this speech that he was the "bandwagon"and that he was taking people in the right direction. Everyone whobecame a supporter of him, would be getting into the right cart andwould be heading in the right direction. At least, what he believed tobe the right direction. Hitler and Stalin did not only use spokenpropaganda, they were masters of using propaganda, so they woulduse many forms of it. Another form of propaganda that they used wasthrough photographs. These photographs promoted their "nice"personality. In these photos they would be depicted as being a hero,they...

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