A Comparison Of Horoscopes Aimed At Older Women And Teens

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A Comparison of Horoscopes Aimed at Older Women and Teens

The horoscope from '19' is informal. Colloquial language is used to
relate to the audience, for example 'bagged yourself some gorgeous
hunk', which has connotations of catching. The language is figurative,
with use of metaphors such as 'worships you like the goddess you are'.
The lexical field is astrology, conveying the future, uncertainty and
mystery to the audience with words such as 'goddess', which has
connotations of beauty and power used to make the reader feel
important and convey a good message to them, 'Mars' and ‘Venus’ are
astrological references to planets, and 'new beginnings' referring to
the future. There is use of elision, for example 'you're' 'it's' and
'who'll', indicating a casual and informal approach linked to both a
teenagers speech and what they would like to read. The origin of the
text is mainly Anglo Saxon, e.g. ‘time’ and ‘love’ although words of a
French Latinate origin are used; e.g. ‘charisma’.

The language used in ‘That’s life’ is figurative, using sentences such
as 'your personality is shining through'. The field of reference is
astrology, with words such as 'Venus' and 'Moon'. There is a slight
use of elision in the text, for example 'you'll', although this is not
common. The main origin of the horoscopes is Anglo Saxon, as it uses
simple words such as 'money'.

The horoscopes from the Internet article are very formal and use
learned language such as 'unnecessary agitation'. This indicates a
certain education level needed to understand the piece. The language
used is factual, 'you will be feeling full of energy' and 'this will
open the area of communications' are examples of this. These phrases
inform the reader of what to expect. The field of reference in the
text is emotions, using words such as 'issues' 'emotional' and
'relationship'. The Internet article uses a French Latinate origin
using large words such as 'proportion' and 'constructive'.


The magazine '19' is informal, as that is what would be expected for
teenagers. It uses colloquial language such as 'bagged yourself some
gorgeous hunk'. Contractions such as 'you're' are used to enforce the
informality of the horoscopes. Alliteration is used in the magazine
‘19’ through words such as ‘feeling fantastic’ and ‘go girl’. This is
relevant to the young audience as it is informal and colloquial,
keeping them interested, and giving the text a chatty feel.

The horoscopes from the magazine 'that’s life' use a more formal tone
than '19' as it is aimed at a more mature audience, although it is not
a particularly formal piece. A technical register for horoscopes is
used with words such as 'Venus' and 'Pisces'. The main origin of the
horoscopes is Anglo Saxon, as it uses simple words such as 'money'.
Rhyme is used in the...

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