A Comparison Of Lager And Ale Beer

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Beer is a wonderful thing. You can have a casual relationship with it, or afull-fledged love affair. You can stay true to your high school sweetheart, or youcan have a string of torrid, meaningless short-term affairs that rival theappetites of James Bond or Don Juan. However, we are living in an informedage and if you are going to drink beer, you should obtain a basic knowledge ofyour choices and the differences between them.All beer can be broken down into two different categories, lager and ale.Because breweries make beer in two ways. The yeast, which beerneeds to produce alcohol, ferments either on the top (for ale) or on bottom (forlager) of a large metal tank called a "mash tun." The two methods create twovery different results.Another main difference in producing beer is in the temperature duringfermentation. Most ales ferment at around seventy degrees Fahrenheit, lagersferment about fifteen degrees lower. The differences in temperature cause theyeast to either rise or fall.The yeast and fermentation temperatures play an important role in theflavor of the beer. Ale and lager share the same benefits of a rich variety offlavors and aromas due to the yeast used. However, ales tend to be more robustand fuller flavored because of the warmer fermentation. Colder fermentationtends to rob the lager of flavor because colder temperatures subduefermentation activity. This is why lager beers take longer to ferment.Lager, in one form or another, is what most people in the United Statesprefer. From the humble Budweiser to the sophisticated Marzen or Bock, mostbreweries in America make lagers and this is why lager beer is the mostaccessible in our country. The positive characteristics of lager are that it isespecially smooth clean and easily obtainable. However, these...

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