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A Comparison Of The Performance Of Confusions By Alan Ayckbourn

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A Comparison of the Performance of Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn

We performed Confusions by Alan Ayckbourn on 28th November 2002. Since
it is divided into five short plays which all relate to each other,
separate groups performed different plays, or scenes. My group used
the scene "A Talk in the Park" as our performance piece. I will be
comparing this scene to "A View from the Bridge", written by Arthur
Miller, and the television soap "Eastenders". "A Talk in the Park"
illustrates the comedy of human behaviour as well as making the
audience aware of the underlying tones of loneliness and isolation,
where the protagonists, five contrasting characters sitting on
separate benches, give vent to their innermost feelings. The irony of
this is that they are willing to confide in a perfect stranger but are
not themselves prepared to listen. It was written in the 1970's.

"A View from the Bridge", written in 1955 and set in 1950's Brooklyn,
tells the story of Eddie Carbone, who agrees to shelter his wife's
cousins, Rodolpho and Marco, who are illegal immigrants. Trouble
begins when Eddie's younger niece Catherine falls for Rodolpho. I am
also going to compare "A Talk in the Park" with "Eastenders" which
presents real life situations, including those which are touched upon
in "A Talk in the Park".

"A Talk in the Park" was set in the present day. This is because that
the writer believed that the themes were relevant to any era. He was
commenting on people, and the characteristics of the people he writes
about don't change over time. For example, there were victims of
domestic abuse in the 1970's (when the play was written) and there are
still victims of domestic abuse in the 2000's. "A View from the
Bridge" however was written while McCarthyism was raging and is
believed to reflect this in the play. In the play, Eddie giving
Rodolpho and Marco to the immigration authorities was the equivalent
of naming communists. It was...

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