A Comparison Of 'the Skeleton Key’ And ‘Dungeons And Dragons’

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A Comparison of 'The Skeleton Key’ and ‘Dungeons and Dragons’

‘The Skeleton Key’: Horror

‘Dungeons and Dragons’: Fantasy-Adventure-Action

In ‘The Skeleton Key’ poster there is only one actress who is standing
and looking into a key hole (facing the camera). She looks scared but
also anxious and worried with tension. She also looks like she
intensely desires to know what’s behind the Key hole.

The woman is wearing dark clothes and jewelry signifying that this
film is a horror. She is also wearing sandals which represent that
it’s a worm time of the year e.g. summer or spring. The setting looks
like a normal house. This must mean that the scary parts of this film
would probably be mostly in that house since the key hole is there

In this poster the whole background is black. There is also a key-hole
shape on the middle with a woman walking towards it. In the house, it
looks like its day time since there’s light coming through the windows
– this is surprising because this specific gesture code is the
opposite of a horror type of film since usually it is typical for the
nights to be the most scariest and fearful time of day for most
people. The woman is holding a torch and a pole which shows that she
is scared of something that might be behind that key hole and that she
is planning to go inside since she looks so curious.

The tagline of this poster is ‘fearing is believing’ – this is a big
giveaway to the genre. It includes the word ‘fear’ which signifies
that there is going to be something dangerous, scary and that causes
distress. It also makes a lot of sense - if you are scared of
something, it means that you believe that it’s true. Media is most of
the time the stimulus of people’s beliefs.

Kate Hudson’s name is written at the top of the page which means that
she is the main actress of this film. It also says ‘from the writer of
the ring’ – this will attract the audience’s attention seeing as ‘The
Ring’ is a famous and a well known horror film. The lettering of ‘The
Ring’ is emphasized by the bigger and bolder writing that it’s typed
in, whereas the lettering of ‘The writer of’ is written in a much
smaller text – ‘The Ring’ sign will grab the viewers’ attention even
faster. This poster however has no credit block.

By looking at this poster the viewer should immediately recognise that
the genre of this film is horror because of the darkness and
gothic-like style of writing it has. The letters also have a stone
effect and a smudged light coming from them. There is also light
coming from the outside of the objects that are on the poster e.g. the
DVD case looks like it’s in front of a light. There is also a symbol
on the poster that looks like something to do with the skeleton key

The woman looks like she is tough rather than a weak woman...

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