A Comparison Of The Teachings And Leadership Skills Of Jesus Christ And Muhammad

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The two most polarizing and influential religious figures of time, Jesus Christ and Muhammad, have been considered to be two people who, at two different times, attempted to bring messages that would change the landscape of the spirituality of the world and gain followings from the masses. Timothy George shows the two for being responsible for creating two of the three historical religions in the world, with both descended from the third, Judaism, in his article in Christianity Today. While both may have lived a parallel path for some parts and shared a similar message amongst a few issues, they severely disagreed in their teachings on others, and encountered different events in their life span, especially towards the end. From their lives’, to their actions, and to their teachings, this paper will examine the similarities and differences in the two great “teachers” of the religious movements of the Anno Domini age, and how vastly contrasting the two truly were at the core of their leadership and values. The heart of Islam and Christianity, examined to the core of their founders.
Jesus Christ: The Savior of Christianity
From birth, Jesus of Nazareth was known to be special, something the world had never seen. The legendary birth, his mother being the Virgin Mary, that night in the manger in Bethlehem presented the world with the man who would become known as the Messiah, the one who, according to Christianity, would rescue the world and offer it everlasting life. Jesus knew of his calling and his holy purpose on Earth. While Mary and her husband, Joseph, a carpenter, raised Jesus as a child, much is not known of the early life of Jesus through scripture, or accounted for through historical evidence. It is not until the age of thirty years old, when Jesus of Nazareth begins his work in ministry, following his baptism by John and his lengthy, revealing retreat in the desert. Once in ministry, Jesus immediately began to gather disciples to follow him and accompany his message to the people. He traveled far and wide with his disciples, performing miracles and attracting the devotion of thousands, while demonstrating his power as the Son of God, attempting to leave no doubt in the mind of anyone he came across. His message rang loud and clear with subjects of unfailing love, forgiveness, and charity among humankind, demonstrating the traits desired by God through a lifestyle worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. His style was unique; Spreading the message and story in a personal way, through examples and parables that his crowd could easily relate to and understand. Jesus centered his ministry on encouraging repentance among the sinful, in preparation for the fulfillment of prophecy that foretold the coming of a Messiah, one that he claimed to be. These claims to be the prophet, the Messiah that had been long awaited, became spread with the ties and labels of heresy attached to them. When word spread to Jerusalem of the “heretical”...

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