A Comparison Of Two Curricula From English Education System

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Module 5: Curriculum, Evaluation and EvaluationPart 1Student no. 03084478Course content and assessmentThis essay will concentrate on the full time Access to Science and Humanities course run by Abingdon and Witney College at the Witney campus. Included are lesson plans and scheme of work for the Psychology unit of the course, specifically the Abnormal Psychology unit. The Access course is aimed at those wanting to enter higher education but who have no relevant qualifications to do so. The abnormal psychology unit is part of the overall psychology section of the course which takes up 3 hours per week of the 17.5 hours the students attend in academic studies per week. Students must take three subjects from one of the three sections listed in figure 1.Figure 1: Course unit outline.Science Social Science HumanitiesBiologyChemistryPlusMathematicsOrPsychology PsychologySociologyPlusBiology or English or History HistoryEnglishPlusPsychology or Sociology or BiologyStudents choose one section which is the most relevant to the courses they wish to apply for at university. The course itself is run for one year (2 years part-time) and on average enrols 34 students on the full time course, with an equal spilt between the all three sections with obvious crossovers across shared units.The access course was written in house but is external accredited each year by OxCON (Oxfordshire Open College Network) and is recognised by the majority of universities as an admission standard to undergraduate courses. The course however is due for major restructuring with preliminary structure for the new course outline offering students' a greater opportunity for choice.Assessment of the access course is conducted through members of the assessment board. The assessment board consists of the course tutors, the teaching team and OxCON moderator. Students are expected to complete 28 units, with each academic subject carrying a weighting of 6 units each (maximum of 3 academic subjects from one of the above boxes; Figure 1) with students making up the extra unit requirements from Key Skill units. However students can pass the course with 20 units with at least 15 units at level 3. The course awards three types of marks, fail, level2 (lower level) and level 3 (higher).Delivery of the course is primarily through classroom teaching for the academic units, which includes lectures and group work, with workshops conducted for units in key skills. Assessment of students combines course work, essays, report writing, the notes taken during class, examinations and oral presentations. This assessment format highlights the ideals of the course; to prepare for university those who have been out of education for some time, inclusion of oral presentation and note taking as assessment criteria is indicative of the courses role.Standards on the course have been high since the courses conception in 1997. Evaluation of the course occurs through several bodies these...

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