A Comparison Study Of Factors Influencing Consumers Purchase Intention Towards Original And Counterfeit Products

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As many studies and researches evaluating factors influencing consumers purchase intention towards original and counterfeit products, there may be slight differences in the result regarding the condition of the consumer, country and also manufacturer at that time. This comparison study will analyze what are the differences in the result between three articles published in international journal and the author’s group findings.
Behavioral Loyalty and Attitudinal Loyalty: Malaysian’s Intention on Counterfeit Clothing and Footwear (Annie Ng Cheng San & Choy Johnn Yee in year 2012)
The study is actually aiming to see the impact of brand loyalty, which is by nature, comes from behavioral loyalty and attitudinal loyalty, to the purchase intention towards counterfeit clothing and footwear. Based on the past researches, it defined attitudinal loyalty as the commitment of the consumer and the brand in a good way and behavioral loyalty as the purchase habit that leads the customer to purchase the product. However, there are many pros and cons regarding the true meaning or measurement of brand loyalty. Some of the researches said that attitudinal loyalty is not relevant in measuring the brand loyalty whereas some said it is. The same thing happens with the behavioral loyalty, which in the end made those two factors become inseparable in creating true loyalty to the brand. Thus, the study came up with the findings as follows:

They found that behavioral loyalty and attitudinal loyalty had a significant negative relationship towards purchase intention towards counterfeit clothing and footwear. This means the higher the commitment of the consumer to the original clothing or footwear product, the less likely consumer will buy the counterfeit products. Also, the higher the purchase habit of original products, the less likely consumer will tend to choose counterfeit rather than original products. Therefore, the study concluded that the higher the brand loyalty towards the original product, the less likely consumer will buy the counterfeits.
Comparison with the author’s group findings:
There is a difference in the end result between group findings and research done by Annie Ng Cheng San & Choy Johnn Yee in the brand loyalty section. The group has same meaning and perception of brand loyalty which is the commitment towards the brand and also the purchase habit. However, the group identified brand loyalty as brand meaning. Based on both quantitative and qualitative data, the author’s group rejected the hypothesis 8: “Brand meaning has negative impact on the purchase intention of counterfeit ZARA cloth among consumer.” This means that when the brand loyalty towards original product is high, it does not necessarily mean that the consumer’s purchase intention towards counterfeit will decrease also.
This difference happens because of two things. First of all is the difference in the age level. Most of the respondents in Annie’s...

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