A Comparison Study Of Russia And Estonia

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Human rights are a fundamental aspect of the lives of individuals. The atrocities committed throughout history have prompt the formation of a variety of organizations that have encourage the advancement and respect for the human rights of all individuals around the world. Despite a growing human rights movement and awareness among individuals, many countries still continue to violate the human rights of their citizens. There could be many reasons for this trend, but there are certain factors that could indicate why some countries have higher levels of human rights violations than others. Through the method of agreement, this paper will attempt to provide the factor that leads to the inequality of human rights violation-levels between countries. The following table is a graphic representation of the comparison method used throughout the paper, which could be used for clarification purposes:
As depicted by the table, the two countries chosen for comparison are Russia and Estonia. Since we are trying to determine the factor that causes some countries to have higher levels of human rights violations than others, these two countries were chosen due to their apparent difference in levels; where Russia has high levels of human rights violations and Estonia has low levels of such characteristic. Violations of human rights in this case were taken from the Political Terror Scale dataset, which specifically measures “violations of physical or personal integrity rights carried out by the state (or its agents)” a condition that is describe as “state terror” by the creators of the dataset. This specific type of human rights violations that is based on state repression includes abuses such as political imprisonment, force disappearances, extrajudicial killings, torture, and other similar physical maltreatments against individuals. (Wood & Gibney, 2010, p. 369).
The peculiar thing about these two countries is that despite their differences in human rights violations levels, they share a variety of characteristics that make them very similar to each other. Therefore they were chosen for their shared similarities in development levels, families of law, and the availability of victim’s rights within their criminal procedure codes. Development levels in this case were taken from the World Bank Organization’s data on development, which categorizes both countries as having high levels of development based on their GNP per capita levels. Moreover, both countries belong to the same family of law; they are both classified under the civil law legal tradition. Another characteristic in which these two countries are similar lays within their criminal procedure codes, which make victim’s rights a relevant matter to be addressed in their codes. (Michel 2013, Wiki)
Since these two countries are so categorically similar, but yet have opposing levels of human rights violations, there must be a single independent variable that could be causing higher levels of human rights...

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