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A Competitive Operating Systems ComparisonCorinne MitchellCynthia RiceCIS 110-90 EC31 March 2014A Competitive Operating Systems ComparisonIn the world of computers, there are two chief forms of operating systems: Unix and Windows. The two have been competing against each other for a long time, and are certain to have a competitive future. The advent of Unix came from a failed attempt at making a time sharing operating system in the early 1960's. The few survivors persevered, and proceeded to develop Unix. Many have described this system as simple, powerful, and elegant (TechNet). Windows, Unix's main competitor, began to gain popularity in the 1980's due to the increasing number and power of computers having Intel-compatible processors, being the only OS (operating system) made for that kind of technology (TechNet). Linux, a version of the Unix operating system designed specifically for micro-computers, arose in recent years. Having two highly competitive operating systems begs the question: Which one is superior?Windows 8, the newest version of Windows, is a widespread operating system favored by much of the public. An operating system is a computer program that coordinates the activities of computer hardware (this includes memory, storage devices, and printers) and allows the user to give commands to the device. Windows 8 organizes the way you interact with the computer, therefore simplifying the process of working with documents and applications, or apps. This interface begins with a Start screen that shows shortcuts to apps or other content. These shortcuts are called tiles, and consist of every installed app you use on a regular basis (Cengage Learning). Windows 8 is an efficient, user-friendly operating system that is popular with many computer users.Unix, though not as well known, is popular among programmers and large corporations because of its high user carrying capacity - the operating system can have many users logged into the system concurrently, and each user can run many programs. This OS is attractive to programmers because most of its programs are autonomous from the underlying hardware, which means they can be transported to new and different systems with ease (RSH Web Services). In Unix, the operating system is referred to as the kernel, which also cooperates promptly with the hardware and offers services to its user programs (Fiamingo, DeBula and Condron). Basic understanding of the system hardware is not needed. Users merely need to understand how to interact with the kernel, and the kernel supplies the chosen service. The Unix file system resembles an upended tree formation, and starts with the root directory, which has many sub-directories beneath it (Fiamingo, DeBula and Condron). Unix is a complex operating system which allows for ease of access and simultaneous multi-user access.Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages that come with both operating systems.Windows 8, though it does have to be purchased, is more...

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