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A Full Analysys Of The Movie "Trip To Bountiful".

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"THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFULL"Analysis by Adam Godin--CHARACTER ANALYSYSCarrie WaltsPortrayed as a sweet elderly woman who is determined to escaped her son's cramped suburban home to visit her home town of "Bountiful" where she was born and raised, one last time before she passes away, having a heart condition, she is old but doesn't show it much. She is full of excitement and shows lots of expression as well as emotion, breaking down in tears in several scenes. Old with gray hair she remains young at heart, very strong willed, and independent. She is the least bit defensive, with a good example in one of the last scenes where her daughter-in-law harps at her with rules and remarks followed with the question: "Do you have anything to say to me?" replying with a simple kiss on the cheek when you would think she should slap her upside the face. She is very kind widow; and sociable as you see her striking up a conversation with the lady she meets at the bus station talking with her throughout her whole bus ride, as they develop a relationship with one another. She is very high strung at times, with dynamic emotions, from being excited, cheerful and from happy to being sad in tears. This very religiousPage 2woman who has good faith often sings hymns and refers to religious passages. A static character, unchanging throughout the story. Doesn't really stand up for her self much, throughout the story as Jessie Mae rudely treats her.Ludie WaltsThe son of Carrie Walts, a middle aged man, average in appearance, a very static character, remaining calm and cool throughout the story. Very easygoing, strong willed, and caring all at the same time. Doesn't swear or any apparent bad habits. He seems to take a lot from his wife, (Jessie-Mae always complying with her bitchy remarks and doing as she says as well as whatever it takes to please her. Taking the side of Jessie over his own mother in most cases. He expresses himself at the bountiful scene of being ashamed or feeling like a failure, he feels he failed his grandfather in not being able to have children, and for not being a successful man, being in the hospital for two years, this did not help him.Page 3Jessie Mae WaltsJessie Mae Walts, the self-centered daughter-in-law of Carrie Walts and wife of Ludie Walts, was a woman he seemed to think the world revolved around her, Jessie is very rude and disrespectful towards Carrie, Jessie Mae is a blond middle aged woman in appearance who lives with her husband and mother in law in a suburban in Houston. Jessie is very demanding of Ludie and Carrie, and acts as if she makes no errors, when Jessie accused Carrie of losing the pension check, Carrie proves her wrong by retrieving the check from Jessie's Bureau drawer. Jessie turns it around on Carrie and starts freaking out at her for looking in her drawers, saying how much she hates that, diverting the intention away from her fault of accusing Carrie of losing the check. Jessie is also somewhat childish at times, going on...

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