A Complete Look At Fad Dieting And Your Health

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Chapter 10 – Comparing the Stillman Diet and the Atkins Diet

The Stillman diet is more closer to the Atkins diet than the South Beach diet is. The South Beach diet works on the bases of eating the right types of carbohydrates. Where as the Stillman diet and the Atkins diet focus on no carbohydrates to low carbohydrates. As well both the Stillman diet and the Atkins diet are high protein diets. In this they both promote the consumption of high amounts of protein. Both believing that the restriction of carbohydrates and the increase in protein will aid in rapid weight loss. Both diets are right in their belief that this will allow for rapid weight loss.

The problem is with both of these diets they also come with some potential health risks. Critics point out that both the Stillman diet and the Atkins diet cause ketosis. Ketosis puts a strain on the kidneys and no research can show yet what the long term health risks are. Both diets are also known to increase the risk of heart disease since they promote such high amounts of protein.

While the Stillman diet cuts out all forms of carbohydrates and fats and puts the dieter on a very strict food list, the Atkins diet allows for small amounts of carbohydrates and an unrestricted amount of fats. Most people will use the Stillman diet in connection with the Atkins diet for this reason. While on the Atkins diet some dieters will switch to the Stillman diet to get over any stalls with their weight loss while on the Atkins diet.

It is no wonder that with the similarities in the diets that the Stillman diet was competition for the Atkins diet back in the 1970s. Nor is it any wonder that in today’s fad diet era of low carbohydrates that both are making a come back.

Chapter 11 – The Zone Diet

The Zone diet focuses on insulin levels when it comes to weight loss. With the Zone diet the purpose is to obtain the right insulin level that the body needs to have to loss weight and prevent the regaining of the weight back. To obtain the right insulin level when eating a person must have the right ratio of protein to carbohydrates to fat. The ratio that the Zone diet uses is 40 percent protein, 30 percent carbohydrates and 30 percent fat.

The Zone was published in 1995 by Barry Sears, PhD. He has published other books since then that focus on the Zone diet. His official website offers up books written on the Zone, recipes, a FAQ page and also gives explanations of food blocks, carbohydrates and how the Zone is intended to work at losing weight and maintaining weight loss.

The Zone diet breaks these down into individual blocks. Each protein is a block as is each carbohydrate and each fat is a block. For an individual block protein is 7 grams, carbohydrates are 9 grams and fat is 3 grams. The three blocks go together when eating to make what the Zone diet considers to be a complete block. It is when one eats a complete block that insulin levels are at their prime for weight loss. It is then that you have to...

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