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A Complete Pr Campaign For A School

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Kelsey Unified School District PR CampaignThe purpose of this paper is to identify Kelly Unified School District's (KUSD) public relations (PR) issues and to build a campaign that will demonstrate an interactive school system to the community. The PR campaign will identify the target audience, ethical implications of the issues, a market research plan and discussion of how the public relations campaign will be integrated with marketing functions of the organization. In addition, a complete PR strategy will be identified that includes the objectives of the campaign, organizational publics, an initial media release and media distribution list, several PR tools that will be utilized, and an evaluation of the business implications of the campaign. Finally, this paper will identify the technology and global considerations, identify a crisis management plan, describe a strategy to evaluation the effectiveness of the campaign, and provide an executive summary of the entire campaign.Public Relations IssuesKelly Unified School District is reevaluating its current PR policies and strategizing future PR campaigns. Utilizing goodwill and crisis management approaches, the following topics will be communicated to the public: academic and career preparedness, improved teacher recruitment and retention, improved security, and reduction in drop-out rates. These topics have been identified as of concern to parents, students, faculty and the community.Target AudienceOne of the key elements of public relations is to know what message to communicate to what audience(s). The message is an important indicator of who should be the recipient. In the case of KUSD, four different messages need to be communicated in a professional and very detailed manner. In some of these cases, many of the recipients will overlap, while some issues are unique to the target.Each public was identified based on their specific association with either the school or school-related activities. Table 1 below defines each public based on the purpose for communications:Public PurposeCommunity/Tax Payers School ranking, testing scores, security issues, community outreach activities, fundraisersStudents Curriculum changes, classroom assignments, security issues, online reading opportunitiesParents Student activities, grades, parent/teacher conferences, security issuesFaculty Curriculum changes, security issues, parent/teach conferences, certification notifications, training opportunitiesSchool Board Teacher/student issue resolution, budget requests, student or community concernsArea Businesses Sponsor after-school/summer intern opportunities, school newspaper/yearbook advertising, equipment/supplies donationsBusiness/Civic Leaders Guest speakers, mentor opportunities, special events emceesGovernment School lunch program, testing programs, low income offeringsAlumni Fundraising opportunities, coaching opportunities, alumni eventsVoters School-related projects up for bond election, school...

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