A Comprehensive Analysis Of Information Technology In The Modern Professional World

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What do the ancient Sumerians and the current workforce have in common? It would seem at first glance that the answer is surely something obscure or only written about in a history book. Well the reality is that the ancient Sumerians were the first to understand that the basic concepts behind information technology are important to a growing civilization. Information Technology is in a very basic and distilled form the storing, retrieving, manipulation, and communicating of information. Though the Sumerians did it this using stone tablets, they still did it. And the Sumerians were, at the time, on the forefront of creating modern civilization; they were a progressive people who went on to ...view middle of the document...

It’s no mystery that in order to get even the most basic of jobs, one must be able to go online and fill out an application; and now days employers are likely even looking into that persons background on various social media sites. Well if someone isn’t capable of creating a basic email account and have semi-regular access to it, they aren’t going to be working anywhere soon; even if you’re a genius with an IQ score of 500. So where does that leave the average person, it is likely that the field of IT is more integrated in the three areas of life than one realizes.
Facebook was launched in February of 2004, before that there were a variety of other sites (i.e.myspace, sixdegrees.com, etc.); since the start of the social networking craze, the spread of social information has been non-stop. This boom has exponentially increased one’s ability to network, and connect with others. In some situations this means connect families who have been separated by war or immigration; or it may simply mean being able to stay in touch with a buddy from the time spent at a state university, that’s across the ocean (for me it’s enabled me to stay in touch with buddies from my time at University of Hawaii). All this is nice, and touching; but more importantly it has led to two things. One is the spread (inadvertently, or purposely) of information. Now days if there is a natural disaster, people are tweeting about it, sometimes the people the event will effect are updated quicker through social networking, than by conventional media (i.e. news, radio, public announcements). But for a someone who is looking to enter the professional world, this revolution in technology means a new way to network with possible employers, sometimes even being able to find job openings not listed in a newspaper (i.e. Linkedin.com). Also, someone in this position must be careful about how that facebook page is used. Employers are now able to do their own background check through the use of these social networking sites. So for someone in school or training, trying to start a career, it is vital that they be ever vigilant about what goes on on the internet regarding themselves.
Something that students in schools around the world are doing now (that I never did when I was in elementary or middle school) is using computers. More specifically the internet and education based programs. On only the most basic levels is this change limited to using math programs in middle school. For the up and coming professional, attending a trade school or university, the options regarding education (in the IT world) are limitless. The internet alone has made the retrieval and transference of information only a few clicks away. So it has become essential for young up and coming professional student to understand the world of information technology. One must be able to take the classes necessary to get a certification in the field one has chosen. Well, this isn’t going to happen unless that person has...

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