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A Computer Engineering Careers Essay

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Since the invention of computers in the second half of twentieth century, there has been a great revolution in the job market. The world has witnessed emergence of new careers while others have actually changed. Computer world has ushered in a new economy which has created numerous careers. One of the carriers which have interested me is computer engineering. This is my dream career which I want to pursue in my academic studies.
Computer Engineering Career
The field of computer engineering has been growing at a rapid rate owing to the growing invention of new computer related technologies and the internet. Although most computer engineers are mainly involved in designing computer programs, there are other areas where computer engineering career is becoming very useful.
Computer engineering is a career which is mainly focused on solving different programming problems, coming up with new software and hardware, and also applying algorithmic and object-oriented problem solving skills and techniques. Having a clear understanding of the way data and computer structures operate is an important aspect in computer engineering. As a career, computer engineering is used in different industries including manufacturing, industrial, media, web development, and many others. A computer engineer can also work in other programming fields and in software development whey they have the task of designing software and programs from scratch (, 2009).
Comprehensively, a computer engineer assumes many tasks which ranges from developing and designing computer and communication systems, developing computer networks, maintaining system stability, network modeling producers and research, developing new user interfaces and new databases, coming up with programming tools and knowledge systems, developing and testing hardware...

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