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A Concept Paper On Body Peiercing. Includes The History, Risks, Common Piercing Areas, And Comments On Why People Choose To Get Body Piercings

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Have you ever wondered why in the world there are people walking around with metal on their faces, in their mouth, and God only knows where else? The popular trend of body piercing has been around since ancient times and has many concerning issues such as infections, safety, and risks. However, numerous people still choose to put their bodies in jeopardy to be part of the latest fashion craze.The history of body piercing varies among different societies. Some tribes used piercings as a magical purpose because they believed that metal repelled demons from getting inside the body. Sailors also had earrings because they believed it improves their eyesight. In some societies piercing the ears was a puberty ritual. Each parent would pierce one ear of their child to symbolize that the child is dependant on his parents. In other societies it was used as a status rank or passage into manhood ("Ear Piercing Aftercare" 1). During biblical times God tells Moses: "Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you" (Lev. 19:28). Even during this time body piercing was a very controversial issue as it is today.Throughout the Elizabethan Era, men such as Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh and Francis Drake wore earrings. During this time body piercing was considered effeminate in the western society. "As the Roman Republic grew more effeminate with wealth and luxury, earrings were more popular among men than women: no less ahe-man than Julius Caesar brought back to repute and fashion the use of rings in the ears of men" ("Ear Piercing Aftercare" 1). Today, most people do not consider men who have piercings effeminate. Sports stars, singers, and other celebrities are flaunting the trend of body piercing. Not only are teens sporting them, but middle class working adults have interest in this art too.Since every one in five piercings leads to a bacterial infection, many associations such as the APP, Association of Professional Piercers, have strict safety and health standards to help reduce health risks. The Red Cross does not even accept any blood donations from people who have had a piercing within a year (Kinnon 144; Graves 42). When getting a piercing, common sense should tell you to go to a professional piercer who practices in a clean and sanitary area. Never allow anyone to do a piercing with a piercing gun because it cannot be placed in an autoclave, which is a machine that sanitizes equipment with heat. The piercer should wash his hands before doing a piercing and should also have consent forms and guidelines for the client.Although body piercing may seem cool to some people, there are many different types of infections that can occur as a result. Keloids and granulomas are lumps that form around a piercing. Knocking or reinserting...

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