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A Concert Report On Rob And Amy The University Band.

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Rob and Amy are a local band comprised of two Brock students and an outside lead guitarist. The band plays at Isaac's Bar and Grill almost every Tuesday night at 10:30 pm and go until close around 2 am. Each band member plays guitar and has their own distinct vocal sound, which they use to play a wide array of music genres. Rob and Amy are mostly a cover band, playing music by Counting Crows, Live, Oasis, Matchbox 20, Our Lady Peace, Billy Joel, Brian Adams, U2, Nirvana and Def Leopard to name a few, as well as a few of Rob's own songs.Tuesday nights are pretty quiet around Isaac's unless there is a big concert event being held. It is mostly just a few senior students hanging out relaxing and having a few drinks while they play pool and chat with their friends. Everyone is very casual and informal and Rob can be heard making cracks about his friends in the crowd in between songs or a beer. Rob is responsible for running the "Campus Idol Karaoke" every Wednesday nights after "Comedy Night" at Isaac's and got his band the gig of playing on Tuesday nights by befriending the manager. Almost everyone at the bar knows Rob and Amy and in between sets, the switch off and do their own songs for a while and one of them takes a break and roams the room. Rob can be seen chatting it up with almost anyone in the room, regardless of how well he knows them. Amy is just as friendly but visits more so with close friends at the bar.Rob's voice has almost a bit of country style to it, but he sounds more like Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 than anything else. His renditions of "Push" and "3 am" are difficult to distinguish from the originals. Amy has more of a unique voice that gives her the ability to take any song whether it is "Stairway to Heaven" or "Sweet Child Of Mine" and adds her own...

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