A Confident, Loyal, Intelligent Leader Essay

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Leaders are people who show confidence in themselves and their country, loyalty in the country they are leading, and intelligence in everyday life. Confidence is a key point in being a leader. Without confidence a leader cannot lead his country. He will not be able to lead the country and stand up for what is best for the country unless he has the confidence to do so. Loyalty in a country is also a big part of being a leader. A leader cannot be loyal only to himself. If he is only loyal to himself, the country will crumble under his reign. To be intelligent is to be able to outsmart any opponent. A leader must be intelligent enough to know what is going on in the country and beat anyone that ...view middle of the document...

A loyal leader, like Macduff, is faithful and devoted to his country, while other rulers, like Lady Macbeth is only loyal to herself. Lady Macbeth is more loyal to Macbeth, than to her country and being a queen. Meanwhile, Macduff is tested against Malcolm for his loyalty for Scotland. He proves he is directed more towards the well-being of Scotland than he is to Macbeth. Malcolm says he is horrible ruler, worse than Macbeth. When he hears this, Macduff cries out in pain for his country: “Bleed, bleed, poor country!” (68). This proves that he is a loyal citizen of Scotland. Macduff also fights Macbeth in the end so the power that Macbeth has can be over and done with. Macduff is fighting hard for his country while Lady Macbeth only wants to be queen and will kill any one of Scotland’s royal and loyal subjects to become queen. Therefore, Lady Macbeth, by showing she only wants to be queen and killing anyone who gets in her way, proves she is not loyal to her country. However, Macduff’s concern for his country under the awful rule, shows that he is loyal to his country and not to just himself.
Lady Macbeth and Macduff both show incredible intelligence. It is, however, how they use their intelligence that puts Macduff above Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is extremely smart; however, she uses her smarts to solve problems with the murders that her husband and others have committed. And while Macduff sometimes uses his anger to propel his missions to kill, he is also tactile and swuft in the way he battles....

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