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Can we really agree with North Koreas current supreme commander Kim Jong-un in saying that their people are liberated from exploitation and oppression? Let’s first clear the air and agree to disagree with powers controlling North Korea in calling their government a “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. Furthermore, to realistically look at this country as a true democratic republic rather than communist Korean Workers' Party can put a bitter taste in any American’s mouth. Hence, the general citizens have no say in any aspect of their country which contradicts the meaning of democracy in America’s ideology of a constitutional democracy and its Greek root meaning of democracy “rule of the ...view middle of the document...

Kim Il-sung affiliations with Soviet Union and Communist Party of China influenced his ideology because he resented the Japanese ultranationalist ideology which is called “sonno joi” Revere the Emperor, Expel the Barbarians. As a result, he joined communist parties to fight against the occupation of the Japanese in Korea through the anti-Japanese guerrilla groups in northern China. Being the only remaining commander Kim Il-sung was forced into Soviet Union and retrained under “Soviet Red Army” and served Soviet Union until the end of World War II. Under Lavrenty Beria recommendation Joseph Stalin installed Kim Il-sung as chairman of the North Korean branch of the Korean Communist Party. “Kim II-sung killed over one million people in concentration camps, forced labor, and execution during his reign in North Korea” (Rummel). This domestic democide, murder by government, is the start of a cult that is known as the Korea Worker’s Party that is manipulated into being named “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” or in short D.P.R.K.. This country has no real affiliation with democracy and was forced in to a regime by the powers of Soviet Union another communist ideology. After U.S.S.R.’s fall China stepped in and started to support North Korea economically after North Korea agriculture could not support its new ideology Juche, which means self-reliance or songun which means military first stance. Even though China is aligned with United States type of capitalism, their capitalist style of business today is still a one party system based around the support of communist party. As a result China does business with United States of America today, by using capitalism in the similar manner as U.S.A. and authoritarianism to control pricing in China’s country, but supports the totalitarian society in North Korea by stabilizing the economy of North Korea with money earned with products bought from United States.
After Kim Il-sung death in 1994, “Kim Jong-IL assumed leadership after developing a personality cult around him, before his father’s death, who called him “ch'inaehanŭn jidoja” which means dear leader” (Brooke). Kim Jong-IL had successful gain enough power to grab his father’s rein of control by creating an image of his father as an idol or “eternal president” after the death of Kim Il-sung. Although in the beginning, Kim Jong-IL power hold was quite wonky, yet to fortify it, he used tactics to blame outside entities to make the population work in concert against the evils in their world and outside of it by causing tranny amongst the population and blaming it on other countries. While Russia and China later determined that these charges were false, both countries continued to help spread those false accusations for many years. Like in his father’s footsteps victims simply disappeared into the government network.
There are three major entities that control this government network of North Korea. The cabinet which is headed by the premier and is the...

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