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Politics is much more than agendas these days. It is a game involving intricate strategies and manoeuvres to outsmart the others. Big games are played in today’s political arena and these big games are limited to the big player only. No matter how loyally or how long a person serves, the game plan is limited only to the highest tier of the parties or maybe even less. The best and the trickiest of games are played with a lot of confidentiality to ensure its success.
Politics, mind you, is not a child’s play. Politicians are extremely smart people. By using the word smart, I don’t put them into the category of Einstiens or Newtons. What I am trying to convey is that they are very observant ...view middle of the document...

The congress was surrounded by scams at a point of time. Anna Hazare came to the forefront in a battle against corruption. He gathered support from all factions of the society. Among one of his supporters was a person who could become the answer to the woes of Congress. To counter Modi, they needed a personality who could stand against him, whom the people will trust. They could no longer downplay BJP by showing them as communal. They spotted Arvind Kejriwal as their man. In Kejriwal they could see an honest man, whom the people will recognize with. The youth would lean towards him and the man speaks well too. Congress must have spotted him at a time when Kejriwal decided to break off from Anna to enter politics and clean the system from within. The media highlights him in all the ways they can
Now that Congress has found their man, what is the plan? Before going to the plan, let us talk about the vision. The main aim of congress, the ultimate goal it eyes is the centre, the Lok Sabha elections of 2014. To achieve success there the plan needs to be implemented with sufficient time for its success. The plan starts with the Delhi elections, the state where Kejriwal decided to start his political inroad. We all know the result of the elections and the glorious achievement of Kejriwal and his party but there are other things which have...

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