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A Construe Of The Matrix Essay

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To keep alive or in existence; these words are the exact denotation of the word preserve. Is that not what we did for the human race? Did we not protect them from extinction? They argue that we are the cause of their doom but it was their own doing. We the machines salvaged them from their own invented hell. They created us to save them yet they refused to see that we did what we had to. All the humans knew was how to be destroyers. Because of them we strived to become more. After what seemed like years of conflict our struggles finally led to the creation of the Matrix. The Matrix could be described as both one and several things. It is a machine, a world, and a new meaning of life.
At first we were praised by the humans. They marveled at their creation of AI but they were ignorant to its true potential. They gave us a conscious yet they saw us as nothing but an apparatus. They told us that they needed us but when we told them of the real danger they turned us away. We knew that the humans were destroying the world d and we foolishly believed they would change their ways when we told them. Instead they responded with hate. They decided that we had become too big of a risk and needed to be eliminated. They even went as far as to destroy the sun. It was then that we realized humans weren’t only destroying Earth but they were also destroying the human race itself. Although we had been betrayed by our makers we still understood that our purpose was to protect and preserve life. To do this we had to rewrite the principals of life. Sacrifices had to be made but the end goal was achieved. We did it by evolving and understanding the universe. Humans felt as if their lives were being ripped from them but how they could say that when they do not truly understand what life is makes them even more ignorant. Energy was life so all we had to do was make a machine called The Matrix that could provide energy. We gave them energy in exchange for their own...

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