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A Contemporary Fairy Tale Essay

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UNIT PLAN:WRITING RESPONSES TO LITERATURE"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"Joyce Carol OatesMary Elizabeth JurgensenSED 525ENDr. Kathleen RowlandsDecember 9, 2009TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Unit Introduction p. 32. Unit Planning Overview p. 73. Lesson Plan One: Day 1 p.124. Lesson Plan Two : Day 4 p.285. Lesson Plan Three: Day 5 p.376. Lesson Plan Four: Day 6 p.477. Lesson Plan Five: Day 9 p.528. Unit Assessment Plan and Tools p.56 9. Unit Planning Commentary p.59Unit Plan IntroductionCourse: 12th Grade Language Arts-Contemporary LiteratureUnit Topic: "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"a short story by Joyce Carol OatesA. Overview: This unit is designed as part of a contemporary literature course. It is intended to be completed near the beginning of a semester, in order to introduce students to methods of critical reading which require them to identify motifs and themes in literature that reflect and also comment upon contemporary society. As they are required to study material which responds to or influences the fiction under scrutiny, this unit also teaches them to appreciate the process by which an author finds inspiration for writing, and to study and evaluate the critical views of others regarding the literature being studied. They will be required to analyze and synthesize information and opinion from a variety of sources in order to produce a written critical essay responding to what they have read.. This unit develops skills and habits which will be useful as the course progresses into the study of longer and more complex short stories and novels. This unit also introduces students to reading and writing requirements they will need to meet in college. Lesson plans are designed for a 90-minute block period, which I have found through my work as a substitute teacher is typical for Language Arts coursework in the 12th grade. Prior to beginning this unit, students will have been given instruction and practice in using the various graphic organizers, how the text is to be highlighted and annotated, and provided with dictionaries and handbooks of literary terms and concepts for reference. They will have been given instruction and practice in the writing technique called "They Say, I Say" (Graff & Birkenstein). They will also have participated in a literature circle exercise using a poem, so they are familiar with this activity. A unit notebook has been created, with sections for notes, journal entries, quickwrites, handouts and graphic organizers, homework, and drafts of the final essay. B. ERWC Assignment Template Use: All instruction in this unit is framed within the ERWC process. Before reading of the primary text begins, students are introduced to key terminology and concepts using familiar texts and cultural references. Multiple readings of the primary and supporting texts occur through homework assignments, and in-class discussion and reading. Writing to learn occurs during homework, journal entries,...

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