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A Modern Production Of Lysistrata Essay

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In a modern day production of Lysistrata, a director’s role would involve the overseeing of the whole play making course and ensuring that all the cast members realize the vision of the production. This role covers all the steps of production from the interpretation of the script to the final performance. This means that the director has a say over a range of disciplines and has to have artistic vision. Lysistrata was produced in 411 B.C., at a time when Athens and Sparta had just concluded a two-decade long war and the general population was in despair. Comedies such as these were used then to communicate instructions to the people ( This essay will focus on the scene where Lysistrata has gathered all the women to convinces the to withhold sex from their husbands until they sign a peace treaty.
To realize the vision of the play, the script, set-up, costumes, stagecraft, sound design, and acting have to communicate a unified message with which the audience will relate. The script will be tailored to ensure that the audience can understand the play as it proceeds. This is in terms of the language and terms used. Though the language will not be modern, it will be English that can be understood by the audience. This will be English of antique England as it will give the play a feeling of ancient times. The scriptwriter will carry out research on the level of understanding the local people will have of ancient English so as to ascertain that the script matches this level. Although many plays of that era were sung and accompanied by dance, this play will be acted out with spoken word rather than songs. This is because speaking will ensure the audience hears the conversations as they go on and that they understand. This is also because the music and dance style of Greece in 411 B.C. has not survived and so may not be replicated.
In the play, Lysistrata gathers women from all over Greece in one place and talks to them. There is no explanation of how she manages to get all the women to attend the meeting. For this scene, the play will employ supporting cast to represent the crowd of women. These women will need to sound like a crowd, and so microphones and sound effects will be used. In 411 B.C. Greece, there were no microphones and the women would have had to shout to hear each other. The women will sit in a semi-circle, with Lysistrata positioned at the center of the semi-circle. She will stand on a slightly raised surface to be seen by the crowd and speak at the top of her voice. This set up will ensure that all the women can reasonably see and hear Lysistrata. This will avoid any issues of a surreal setting and make sure that the play is believable.
The costume designer will be instructed to dress the women in the scene in ancient costumes from Greece. These have to be plausible based on research into the past. The women’s hair and make-up will also have to match the style adapted during that period. This will serve to portray a real...

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