A Comparison Of Everquest To Reality.

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Everquest is a massive multi-player role-playing game made up of a fantasy world where people from around the world can roam lands interacting with one another as well as many of the non-player characters, or mobs. Mobs are non-player characters that are either killable characters, used in quests to obtain faction or items, or for story-line purposes. This game isn't exactly designed to be a virtual reality, but it has far more similarities than most other games mimicking our reality.Like our reality, Everquest players can move from one location to the next in three-dimensions. A player can jump and duck. They can also perform other actions such as waving, smiling, grunting, cheering, and flipping off other players. A player can swim above and under water, and they can also drown if they don't reach the surface for oxygen. Players are unable to walk through others like some games allow. In some areas where it's slippery, movement for a player can be difficult. For example, if a player walks forward on a slippery surface, they begin to slide in that direction. Trying to move backwards slows down the forward movement and eventually the player begins to move backwards. On a normal surface a player trying to move backwards can move backwards immediately. Falling in the game is also comparable to reality. The higher a platform a player falls from, the more injuries they may endure. If they fall from too high a surface, they may die. Unlike reality, players can also hover above the ground and float off of high cliffs without fear of falling. Of course, this can only be done when one of the various levitation spells is cast upon them. Many physical abilities in Everquest are just like our abilities in reality.In the real world one has friends, family and foes. There are also employers and teachers. In Everquest, one can make friends and foes depending on how the player reacts to another player and what the player offer and receives. The community of the game functions similar to that of the real world community. This is because the community of Everquest is composed of unique individuals such as that of real life. Also there are numerous other non-human characters which have real traits of their own. Comparable to families and organizations, players in Everquest can be members of guilds. Guilds are groups of players that work together to better one another in their pursuit through the game.In reality a person can...

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