A Comparison Of Four Advertisements Essay

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A Comparison of Four Advertisements

In this essay I will be comparing four adverts. These adverts are as
follows Citroen C4 – Dancing Transformer, Fosters – Robot Cleaner,
Stella Artois – Hidden British airman and Grolsch – Grolsch Premium
Lager. This essay will compare these four adverts and also portray the
way they use certain techniques to attract the viewer into buying into
their products.

The first advert to be analysed is the Citroen C4 – Dancing
Transformer. The basic storyline of this advert is as follows; a
Citroen C4 is in a car park, then suddenly like a ‘Transformer’ turns
into a robot and with its stereo playing dances to music. This advert
has been proved so effective that it has actually won awards for its
computer rendering and ability to sell the product. This advert uses a
variety of advertising strategies to formulate a strong front to this
advert. The music used is ‘Les Rythmes Digitales – Jacques your body’
which was popular clubbing music in 1998. The theme of the
‘transformer’ relates to when transformers were very popular from 1985
onwards and were prevalent with 6 to 10 year olds. The music in this
advert was popular in clubs between 1998 and 1999. Both of these
factors are playing on the (F) Lucy (F) mind of
the potential buyer of these cars (triggering memories etc), and if
you look at both aspects (the music and the theme, e.g. the
‘transformer’) it leaves you with an approximation of what the target
age may be, in this case a 26 to 35 year old. The music shows this
because 7 years prior a now 26 – 29 year old (then a 19 – 22 year old)
would have been out in the clubs, listening to ‘Les Rythmes Digitales
– Jacques your body’ therefore this relates to the viewer. The advert
begins with a citroen C4 in a car park with the C4 in a parking space
with the sea and some mountains as a peaceful and calm backdrop. Then
‘Les Rythmes Digitales – Jacques your body’ starts playing and then it
switches onto a different camera facing untoward the city, with
skyscrapers and modern looking buildings gracing the skyline. With a
beat the car swivels into the form of a transformer. The music
instantly grabs the viewer’s attention, as it is upbeat and very
melodic. Also the ‘transformer’ shows another strategy, which has been
used, ‘borrowed interest’ in this case it is the ‘transformer’ itself.
To begin with the colours on screen are peaceful with the luscious
blue sky with an almost picturesque scene of sea and mountains. But
soon the camera turns slowly towards the dull car park with the camera
gently swaying around watching the citroen C4 with the colours on
screen now much duller. Once the car merges into the ‘transformer’ the
camera follows the transformers head (which makes the camera point up
into the sky). By doing this the colours...

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