A Comparison Of Two Representations Of The Bosnian Conflict

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Both the docudrama, Warriors, and the News report shown on the 23rd April 1993 are structured to tell the story of the Bosnian conflict. They have similar intentions to inform the audience of the crisis and show the results of the ethnic cleansing together with the divide between the Muslims, Serbs and Croats.Warriors directed by Peter Kominski is a fictionalised representation of the aftermath of the ethnic cleansing experienced due to the conflict in Bosnia. Peter Kosminsky's Warriors depicts the agonising frustration of young soldiers forced to stand by and witness ethnic cleansing and slaughter as members of the UN peacekeeping force in Bosnia. Kominsky interviewed over ninety British soldiers involved in one particular deployment in Bosnia. He also viewed BBC, ITN and amateur video footage in Ahinici in 1993. He wanted the docudrama to look somewhere between newsreel and documentary and also as real as possible.The realism is created in many different ways. The use of a hand held camera makes us feel engaged in the drama as the narrative slowly unfolds and our suspense is increased as the soldiers slowly uncover the burnt bodies and we see the sheer destruction caused. The lack of special effects also adds to the realism, as the light is quite natural as is the sound. The use of silence is effective in some places for example, when the soldiers are entering the houses, which they assume will have dead bodies in, as it builds up the tension. If many special effects were used were used it would simply be like a film. Music is used in certain places where relevant. When it used, it is soft and slow to emphasize the solemn feeling and atmosphere, which would have been apparent there. We sympathise greatly with the soldiers and are drawn to them more as we see the emotion they go through.The images used, such as dead children, are shocking and provoke an intense response from the audience. We also see the reactions of the soldiers, which again, we sympathise greatly with. The use of props in the drama is important and a key element Kominsky used to create realism. In one scene we see a white puppy, which symbolises innocence, creating irony as it is in a place of destruction where innocent people have been killed. The puppy is isolated from its family, as will many civilians be after this. We see children's clothes hanging from the washing lines outside the burnt down houses, which again created realism but also forces the audience to remember that small children were killed in this conflict.Many conventions of docudrama are used in Warriors such as colloquial language. The conversational style in which the soldiers converse with each other creates a more realistic drama as we know that this is the way that the real soldiers would speak to each other really. Part of the job of a docudrama is to inform, educate and entertain. Warriors does this well as while raising the awareness of the audience about the neglect, pain and suffering these people...

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