A Contribution To Military Buildup In The Prc And The Roc After The 1995 1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis

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A Contribution to Military Buildup in the PRC and the ROC after the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait CrisisChalakorn Rattanaphan (IEPS)JPM280: Taiwan Strait: Scenarios of ConflictFaculty of Social Sciences, Charles UniversityI. IntroductionTaiwan's unresolved international status has been the cause of repeated crises in East Asia since the victory of the Communist Party on Mainland China in 1949. From that time on, the conflict between the PRC and the ROC has evolved from both side's assertion of being the only and sole legitimate government of "One China", with authority over both the mainland and Taiwan, until later when the ROC acted toward independence as a separate state from China, which resulted in many conflicts, crises, and confrontations which were not only between the PRC and the ROC but also between the PRC and other outside players namely the United States.The 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis was interpreted as a sign of displeasure from Beijing concerning the fact that the U.S. again interfered with the Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan questions by granting President Lee Teng-hui an entry visa to the United States. Another cause for Beijing's frustration concerned the first democratic presidential election, in which the pro-independence candidate was likely to win. Both of the incidents implied that Taiwan was moving toward its "formal" independence from the Mainland China and tried to seek its legal status on the international community. For these reasons, the PRC was utmost unsatisfied and started its military exercises including dreadful missile tests to protest such actions and to exhibit its stance on Taiwan questions, which eventually led to a crisis where the United States was drawn into.The PRC acted provocatively toward Taiwan which coerced the U.S. to get involved. The U.S., though limited by the Sino-U.S. Communiqués, perceived the PRC a real threat that it could harm the harmonization and peace in the region, had to offer itself to protect Taiwan since Taiwan, in a way, is still its democratic ally and, in this case, victim of an aggressive, nondemocratic China. Consequently, both the PRC and the ROC increased their military capability and started their military modernization to be able to engage in any type of war that might happen at any moment. The U.S also stepped in and helped the ROC in military buildup and modernization.In this paper, the author will demonstrate the impact of the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis on contribution to the increase of military expansion or military accumulation as well as military modernization between the PRC and the ROC. Furthermore, the author will also show that military assistance from the U.S. also played great role in military buildup in the Cross-Strait relations. The paper will be divided into 3 parts; the first section will be about the overview of the 1995-1996 Taiwan Strait Crisis in general, the second part will dedicate to military factors from both the PRC and the ROC after the...

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