A Controversial Essay About Abortion With The View Of Despising Abortion, And A Little About Some Alternitives To Abortion

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Abortion is a big cause of infant deaths. Abortion is when a doctor kills an embryo when it is still inside the mother. Sometimes the mother can have side effects. Most of the side effects are serious and sometimes it may cause the mother to be infertile. That means that she may not be able to have a child after the abortion. Also, I do not think that the girls who have abortions think about the baby. It will never have a chance to live. Babies are so cute and loveable; the only way to murder it without felling guilty is to never see it. Abortion is a form of murder that is overlooked because of the ...view middle of the document...

Why would society except this sort of thing? Needless to say, the American society is a bunch of murderers! There are always other alternatives to abortion. Some other alternatives to abortion are adoption and caring for it. The most common used alternative is keeping it. This is, however, destroying many young teens' futures. Plans for collage and careers are demolished and degraded. Many young mothers often have to live in poverty and depend on welfare, sucking on taxpaying citizens' hard- earned money. The fathers of the children usually abandon the mother when they learn of her pregnancy. This alternative, as you can see, is not very comforting in the long run; the child usually suffers for the mother's irresponsibility. In my view, the best alternative may appear to be abortion. Adoption of the child by a woman, who desires children, but is naturally infertile, benefits the child greatly. The child benefits by having a mother who wants them and has a husband, who is a desirable male figure. The mother is then, after nine months of pregnancy, able to pursue her goals and dreams. Careers and, college goals are now attainable. The mother has not murdered her own child. Abortion, in my mind, is the worst possible choice. One thing that nobody takes into account is the guilt of killing, especially the murder of your own child. As you can see by these reasons, putting your child up for adoption is the most desirable choice.

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