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Netaji is a name that is loved and hated all throughout India. Some say he was a hero, though many disagree. His legacy is so controversial that as of today the Indian Congress is still hiding secret files about him. Netaji was a freedom fighter for his mother nation, India, while it was ruled by the British. The freedom fighters, like Gandhi and Nehru, were known for their efforts to stand up for their rights as Indians, and taking upon themselves the responsibility of making India a strong, free nation. At times, they would sacrifice their lives to get one step closer to their dream of a free India. Subhash Chandra Bose, or Netaji was one of these people, ready to do anything for the sake of freedom. Eventually, he did everything he could. Though many people may think Netaji went too far in his effort to liberate India, his legacy demonstrates rights and responsibilities because he did whatever he could to stand up for his rights and responsibilities as an Indian.
In a desperate attempt to fulfill his vision of a free nation, he fled to Europe. He eventually went to Germany, during World War two. He tried to make negotiations with Germany. He wanted to get enough man power to force the British from power. This did not work out however, and he soon left Germany. He felt it was his responsibility to find another way to free India.
He eventually ended up in Japan. There, he finally got the man power that he needed to fulfill his ambitions. He recruited World War two POWs that were captured by Japan. Most of the POWs were Indians that were forced to join the war, alongside the Allied powers, by the British. He convinced the POWs of their right to fight for India as volunteers, not for the British as slaves.
He failed in his attempt to stand up to British rule. He subsequently fled from India again. He hoped to get help from the Soviet Union, which he now believed to be turning against the British. Many Indian Freedom Fighters, including Netaji, were attracted to Socialist ideas. They felt they had as many rights as the next person, and vice versa.
He died soon after, in a plane crash. The plane hadn’t gained much altitude when it started to burn. It crash-landed in Taiwan, and he died from third degree burns in a nearby hospital.
Many people think of him as a coward and fool for running in times of danger, and trying ally with controversial powers. Some however, think of Netaji as a hero, for the great lengths he went through to achieve his dream of a free India. He stood up for his rights as much as he could.
To understand what and why Netaji did what he did, we have to go back into the context of the time. The British had successfully colonized India, and profited from its wealth. They treated Indians unjustly feeling they (The British) were entitled to do so.
During the mid - eighteen hundreds, however, Indians began to dissent the British rule. They wanted their nation, their mother India, for themselves. They were tired of...

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